Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME

happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to me...
happy birthday
happy birthday~~~
happy birthday to me~!!!!

yay... it's my birthday again...~ (not really "again" lar... since it's once a year thingy...) but somehow it got me to miss home even more... sigh... nobody really celebrated with me this time round..just went to watch a movie and head back home...

for once, i felt that watching movie alone can be kinda lonely..oh well..guess it's also because now is examination nothing much i do about it... was rather glad that there wasnt any exam on my birthday...(unlike last year..)

and lastly before i end my post... i would like to thank those msges, smses and cards to me (vivien, lb, sarah, family, blah blah..)

really appreciate it :)
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday, October 07, 2006

happy mooncake festival

◢██████◣      ◢████◣
◢◤      ◥◣    ◢◤    ◥◣
◤        ◥◣  ◢◤      █...
▎   ◢█◣   ◥◣◢◤  ◢█   █
◣  ◢◤  ◥◣      ◢◣◥◣ ◢◤.
◥██◤  ◢◤         ◥◣
      █ ●       ● █
      █ 〃   ▄   〃 █
      ◥◣   ╚╩╝   ◢◤
       ◥█▅▃▃ ▃▃▅█◤
         ◢◤   ◥◣ 
         █     █ 
        ◢◤▕   ▎◥◣
       ▕▃◣◢▅▅▅◣◢▃  中秋節快樂

haha... it's mooncake festival again... this time round nothing much to say...hohoho pretty boring... but the mood was there so decided to blog...
the only thing different this yr is tat i got to eat some unconventional mooncake...
but damn bloodly expensive...hmmm~ and as for the taste it was alright...
it's taro and custard egg flavour...

it would have been better if it's a no yoke mooncake...felt kinda weird especially when u eat taro with yoke.. :s
but oh well... happy mooncake festival
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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Last week wasnt particularly a good one..
I've withdraw one of my elective units..because i felt that i couldnt kept up with the speed and i seriously do not have the confident to pass..this was my last sem....meaning i definately cannot afford to fail..


I dont noe.. maybe it sound like an excuse for taking an easy way out.. an escape route from the stress that has been piling up on me since the begining of the sem.

i manage to claim back my exemption on this unit.
i thought i would be happy..
but i'm not..

the only teacher that i respect despies me for making such a irrational decision by giving up easily..especially when she felt that i have the potential in doing well in this unit but i gave in to my fear.
she wouldnt listen to what i want to say.. and i do not have the courage to say that i couldnt catch up.. and this decision had little to do with my only grp mate being MIA through out the course..

my family too feel that my choice was a mistake..

did i make the right choice?

i'm not sure... but i certainly felt tat this was the best choice for me after taking into consideration of most factors.. the only miscalculation i have was that my unit teacher would have understand why i made this decision.. and forgive me..
but with my grp mate departing from this unit soon after me..(P.S: i did offer my help to him..saying that i would do the project with him like nothing has happen..but he would be the one taking the credit..which i think it would be better..) sigh~ i dont think i would dare to show my face infront of her any more..

but i guess... taking up this course wasnt a bad thing to begin with..neither was the withdrawal of the unit..cos to be honest this unit is one of the most beneficial things i have learnt in this entire degree.. though i might have withdraw from the unit.. but it's was already coming to the end of the sem.. besides.. most of the things had been taught...
And at the end of the day.. when you graduate after spending so much $$, blood and tears.. you will only be getting a piece of nicely laminated, good quality paper that state "Degree of Business(marketing)" . what's impt is not the things that has been state on that piece of paper nor the list of subjects which u have been tested on the final... but wat u have learnt from subjects..
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

blog pets

Wee~~ found these two cute little thingy while surfing net yesterday....
currently still trying to figure out what i'm suppose to do with them.. both from japan websites.. >.<
hopefully there will be a english or chinese version soon...heh..
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

melbourne trip

it's a rather late post.. but hahaha... i went to melbourne~ yey~!!!
finally get to meet up with my family... heh cos it's my bro's graduation on 24/8..
good on you bro... heard that he's planning to take honour if his application can get through... so there i was.. skipped one lecture and flew to melbourne in the middle of the school sem~ wahaha aint tat great? maybe alot pple been doing tat but it's certainly the first time for moi(me)~ lalalalala~ happy~!!
It's pretty fun, but rather rush at the same time lar.. din get much chance to go see see look look even though i had abt 3days there..weird.. i wonder wat was i doing most of the time?!

10-12pm: jap class(brisbane)
7.50pm-10.15pm: weee~ (too excited... airsickness kicked in) ... *censored*
10.30pm: get out of airport, bro pick me up.. drove back to hotel
12am: go makan $7++ porridge~ nothing great... day ended

walk walk in the city (parents just couldnt get enough of those souviner)
4-5pm: head back hotel, get ready for the ceremony
6pm: reach melbourne uni..
<- bro get dressed..
9pm: done~! ready to go~! my god so long...
9-9.30pm: attempted to wear my bro's graduation clothes (failed)
<- at least i manage to get to take pic with the cert bleah
went to the book shop to get a mel uni t-shirt.. plan to wear it to my sch.. just to see pple's reaction
11pm: reach home with pizza... i must say.. pizza in aust.. is definately better than singapore's pizza sia...

sightseeing and more sightseeing
heaps of trees and more trees.. zzz~
mocha, pizza.. anyone?
suppose to go skiing but.. heard that there wasnt much snow left (-_-")so din go in the end

COOK~! arrr
cook pasta(sour cream) for parents and bro to eat..
go to shopping after we ate.. which is not much time left to shop
at the end of the say... din even get to finish walking the entire shopping center
abit sad on that case...

fly back to brisbane

ARRRR... my holidays just gone like tat.... arrrr~~!!!

oh well... something useful abt this post.. is tat i realise the best timing will be during the winter around mid aug.. unless u guys wish to go swim then summer will be good.. cos scenery will be the same in most places, cool weather cos it's approaching spring, get to skii when u come to mel..
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hohohoho~ recently I have became NANA fan :D
it's one of my latest anime which i discovered...
got to say it'also one of the few animes which i actually got so excited abt it and ended up reading the comic cos i couldnt wait for it... yes it's tat good... but just a short disclaimer.. you might find the anime a little irritating as they have quite a few recaps episodes going on in just 20animes... super filler if u ask me.. oh well... but it's still worth watching.. filler will be 6 and half of episode7.. so it's best that you download 7 if you feel like watching NANA...and here's the sypnosis and the opening song.. (my fav..)


Two girls. The same age. The same name. Yet they couldn't be more different. Komatsu Naka is a naive serial dater who always hooks up with the wrong guys, Osaki Nana is a bitter rockette with a violent temper and a lonely past. They both move from their small-town homes to Tokyo, chasing their dreams of love, music, and self-discovery. Their fateful encounter changes their lives in ways they never imagined possible... to the point where life becomes unlivable without the other one there.

NANA anime OP w/ Subs
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Extremely Popular Cat of the cutest cat i ever seen :D
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


For the past few months I have been searching for the japanese food which i ate in Takashimaya last time (but it closed down the last time i went.. so i totally have no idea what is that food called Q_Q )

BUT~~!! just a few days ago i manage to FIND IT~ in a japanese convenient store
This is the one i'm looking for :D -->
i noe i noe it looks pretty different from the one i ate in Taka
but with my limited japanese i manage make out the sounding and double check it with internet before i confirm it's actually THE ONE i'm looking for

after being all so happy abt it... i realised there's a prob...

which is .....

which is....

Arrrrhhhh it's batter mix *faintz* meaning you have to cook it yourself
y dont they have ready made ones...

an imaginary light bulb started blinking as i see my housemate enter the store... (hehe the chef is here... wahahaha *evil laugher*)

Me: *pointing at okomiyaki* yo~! help me cook this...

Me: can?

housemate: =.=" dont want lar.. dont noe how to cook

Me: *poke him* must try new stuff...~!!! u're the chef.. need to learn new things

housemate: ..............

Me: ai..~ so sad... been looking for it for so long... now find liao also cannot eat so sad ~~

housemate: .....

*fast forward the time*

*pic taken while cooking the batter*
WAHAHAHAHA dont need to explain you also noe i manage to get him to cook wahahahahahahahhahahaha~~~!!!!

chef's hand... the batter is almost ready

cooking the udon...

YEY~!!! finally it's done...~~~ and yesy i cut half for him... i'm not tat bad ok... i paid for the ingredients..( from sauces to okonomiyaki batter mix...) so.. he just need to help me cook.. and he get to eat...
heh heh.. although the batter was a little burnt.. it taste not bad for a first timer... HAPPY~!!
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

wat gender is ur brain

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve
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Saturday, August 05, 2006

flash game

wahahaha recently other then surfing net for cute emoticons which leads me to finding wan wan's blog... i also has been doing some flash games searching...

and the good news is my friend intro me to this webbie which showcase all the interesting flash games online...

webbie link:

if you guys have time please try out the games below:
Micro life <- a game for you to relax but it might just backfired when the level gets higher

Atoms <- a mini game tat might just get on ur nerves sometimes, pretty similar to Grow cube..

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new webbies

hehe~ recently been web surfing and it's been rewarding..
cos i found the blogger who drew this------------>

has been reading it for the past few days, pretty cute and funny...
and i got myself a wan wan's banner :D

Suggestion: try reading from the start..
Click here
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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Warning this isnt really a good post to begin with... if you guys dont want to spoil the image you have abt..(good ones) i dont really recommend you to read this...

Ok.. after reading the disclaimer... like wat you saw on the post title... it's abt racism... but the twist to this is tat, it's me being racist against my own race.. not aussie being racist...(although they do.. but this post aint about them).. race typically on asian..

i dont noe since when all this started...perhaps since yesterday? this sem?

sigh~... they just happened i suppose.. slowly bit by bit it creeped into ur brain and brainwash you to have the idea that asians typically sucks in their studies and basically a burden to a project..

Even me...irony isnt it? having such a thought against my own race... well probably it's the fact that i always feel that i'm always one of the weak link in the project.. because someone like me being neither good with report writing nor presentation wont be of much use... all i have is a brain with ideas yet with no tools for me to express myself... That's y i nvr like a grp with only asians.. it just sucks to the max when the report comes out shity and there's no one to edit it...bleah...

So here i am... in despair... grouped with one asian for my project... as none of the classmates willing to grp with us.. it was suppose to be a 3 pple's group.. at most 4pple(but not recommended by the tutor).. but the thing is you can see how unwilling they are in wanting to grp with us... you can almost read their mind... and at that point of time they were doing equation which goes:

Number Asian/s x percentage of an aussie input in the project= how much extra effort you gonna put in to achieve the same result...

note: percentage varies from the number of grp members you can have...

so the stakes have risen to the fact that:
one asian = burden.. but can manage
two asians = probably a F in project...

there's 2grps with 3 pple and one odd grp with 4pple.. and my grp had 2 pple... WTH?! and the tutor din say anything.. din even bother to break up my group to join god how i wished she did as it isnt nice for me to reject that asian guy's offer especially when i'm in the same tutorial as him in another subject.. GOSH ~! and i have this gut feeling that i'm going to group with him again.. but all she said was she will try to get us more grp member/s as some of them din turn up for the's week3 and they still din bother to turn up.. would you think that they would be of any help?!.. AARRRGGHHH~!! probably tat's y she quickily added that sometimes it's good to have 2 pple instead of 3...

can i pull myself through this and graduate?? last sem to go... i dont want anything to happen to me... i am selfish.. i noe.. but who isnt... especially when i noe that i'm so weak?
I dont noe... I really dont...

everyone needs a hero in our lives in one point or another... as we all dream of being rescue..
will a hero ever come to my rescue?
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Sunday, July 30, 2006

new sem

New sem, new sem...~
some pple rejoice and while others frown... i suppose most of the uni students in singapore will frown cos the sch holiday is about to end soon...

well as for me.. i had already frowned for the past 2weeks haha..since my first day of sch.. yes.. it's tat winter holiday only lasted 3weeks... sob sob... and has been coping with my sch this sem.. had two of my electives exemptions taken away... so currently i had to study 3 units instead of one.

Speaking of which, it all boils down to the fact tat i tot i need to finish 2units before i can complete my uni... but to an unpleasent surprise i realised that the sch made a mistake... i onli need to finish one more unit... -_-" (if i knew that i would have taken it last sem or during the summer break)
sigh... but now since i'm stuck with it might as well make the full use of it by taking retail marketing which is one of the units i planned to take as well as japanese for the sake of taking for fun.. Hey who noes man.. maybe those few units might help me increase my GPA hehe... which in any case i dont think i can afford to get any lower.. sad... i noe.. i'm stuck with "C"s in my whole life... this is my chance for getting better for a change.. perhaps it's God's doing.. wahahahaha maybe find myself a new romance while i'm here.. some ang mos will be nice.. haha who noes lol.. recently spotted alot of ang mos and asian couples in my sch.. lalalala~ (scandal... scandal)

So now a little brief on my units so far..

Marketing decision making:
interesting subject.. horrible but interesting lecturer/tutor (same person) who will try every means to trick her students in the questions she set and torture her students by not telling or go through the answers.. challenging yet sometimes you will feel like killing her... Yes~ tat's Pamela Jackson..
got thought by her once... well let's just say.. if you are up to the stress level tat she gave you... you probably will enjoy her class cos it's one of the most rewarding tutor you ever get..

Retail marketing:
Yes~!! finally got some excuses to go shopping without having much guilt cos you are actually being asked to do field studies in shopping centers... well the down side of this unit is going shopping as well... partially because i'm not really into shopping tat much.. at lest not to the extend where i was made to travel to suburbs shopping center to do field studies.. -_-" as i always shop in the city instead.. hmm~ come to think of it.. i still havent go into shopping center yet.. probably should go some time soon.. guess it's time to really do explore brisbane now while i have the chance...

it's basic japanese.. bleah... took it purely for pleasure purposes.. it's always nice to learn a new language.. even better when already know most of the basics... no stress at the moment... i should say it acts as a revision + a means to push my GPA points high.. muahhahaha.. wicked.. but i like... it's fun.. :) (innocent look)

Hmm.. good news about this sem..? I only need to go to sch for 2 days in a week hohoho... happy.. ^^
k guys.. i think i wrote enough rubbish for the day...update you on wat i have done next time... :D
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grow cube

haha~ this is one super cute game that i got to noe from yan yan's blog :D
took me quite a while to complete it~!!

(the ending pic)

you definately will get a sense of achievement if you manage to complete this...
Tip : there's an order as which thing go first...

hope you guys enjoy it

Grow cube
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Friday, June 23, 2006

noodle soup

it's been a long time (2-3days) since i have the chance to surf net... >.<
currently using 56k dial up internet, wah lao... i think i can almost die waiting for it to load things up lor... super turtle speed sia..
Oh well.. guess i should count it as a blessing that i can get online at home without travelling all the way to sch.. that wat i call it mai hiam bei pai.. can use happy liao bleah...~!

ohoh..~ kana side track... ok today was really bored at home.. and i decided to cook~!!
hohoho~ i manage to cook noodle soup today... and it was successful wahahahahahaha~! considering the fact that i got an E for my F&N in o'level + the only one who fail that subject in my entire school in that yr... (-.-")
hmm...i'm pretty happy that it din turn out horrible... and actually pretty decent and quite nice looking, thanks to siew yong's cooking guide that i got from her early this year... hohoho~~! :D

but sad to say.. i din get the chance to take photo.. cos i dont really want to let my housemates think that i'm crazy until even noodle soup also want to take photo.. >.<

but never the less... i manage to remember the ingredient for the soup cos i did some tweaking to wat siew yong told me...

Here's the soup receipe for 2 pple..
ikan bilis
1/2 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon of minced garlic

Enchance with..

Tou fu
mushroom ( golden mushroom or canned chinese mushroom)
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

jap tv show

sometimes u just cant expect how crazy the japanese can get....
check out this tv show...
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

no internet

hello pple~~!!!
i wont be able to go online for quite some time... >.<
cos my internet had been cut off...

well it's not like i'm always online~~ when u guys wanted to chat with me.. but at least u still get to see my "AWAY" sign on mah... aiya dont be like that like...

anyway will be back soon.. probably back on in 23th june onwards bah.. =.="

dont miss me k? wahahahahaha~~!!!!
ok tat's just sums up my another meaningless post like wat LB always commented.. :p
tata going back to study... will be having my exam soon..
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Thursday, June 08, 2006


past few weeks i was really down...
i remembered there was this time where i really felt that it's really hard to find friends over in australia... it felt as though the word "friend" is just someone which u can turn to or make use of when u needed help.. other than that... they are of no use...
"Fake" is the word i did prefer to call them...
just when u thought tat you have just found a friend...
the next thing u realised tat all those things tat you see in tat person are just shows tat they put up... just to make use of you...

Most of my "friends" over here have the same trait.. especially when they suddenly MSNed you and say:

"Hi.. how's it going"
someone told me once... the friendlier the tone... the worst it gets...

The moment you replied "hello"
that's it...
like a fly stuck on to the web..

Just like the image of a spider spinning webs to cocoon the fly
you will see one whole strings of words popping up on the msn..
The fly (me) started to struggle attempting make an escape...
But Resisten is futile once they started telling stories of how horrible state they are in...
The most interesting part... is that once you helped them... they disappeared for like another few months till help is needed again...

Sigh...~! In a way that sort of reminds me of myself of wat happened last friday as i started asking almost everyone i know to help me with my homework..
Am i becoming like one of them? trying to make use of friends to get what i wanted???
That I do not know...

But one thing i know for sure is that.. those who i seek are really my trusted friends and i thanked them from the bottom of my heart...
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Monday, June 05, 2006


みなさん~~~!!!! (everybody)
i'm back hohohohoho~~!!
finally survive through my worst week of the sem...
imagine 5assignments due last week...
my god.. tot i'm gonna die or something...
but would really like to thank the those people
tat helped me with my assignment~~ :D

without you guys i think i'm gonna die flat sia...

heh heh.. next time will write more abt wat happen during my absence..
cos currently abit brain dead.. need to rest... hehe..
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


wat more can i say... it's a blog... a gay blog...
and the gay looks handsome.
enough said.
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Monday, May 15, 2006


stumble across this really nice wallpaper while i was surfing the net aimlessly..
i'm sure most of you are familiar with kagaya's art work..
this is his latest art work..
simply just loved the one with the bow.. really nice (thumbs up :D )

hope u guys liked it..
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy busy

Time passes real quickly... hoho havent blogged for like 20days already... recently been quite busy with stuff and will get more busy from now on... cos it's Week10.. and there's lots of stuff waiting to be handed in through out this few weeks before exam week.. to tell u the truth kinda feel tat exam week is much more relaxing as compared to the next few weeks.. x_x

kk shall update my blog soon.. in the meantime i will try to work out a timetable to allocate time for my report.. sigh
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Xbox gamecard

ok i'm really bored... actually registered myself with Xbox live eventhough i do not own 1... reason? simple... cos i like the panda pic lol... find it rather cute so decided to just register it for fun to get the gamecard .. bleah.. it's cute anyway
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housemate no.5

Name: Victor

Chinese Name: Ding Yao (not confirm)

Age: 24

Height: 175-180cm (nice height)

Weight: dont know

Body Build: similiar to mine(without the boobs) or slightly thiner..

Looks: ABC looking + baby face

Hair colour: golden blond (to siew: is that the hair colour u like?)

Family background: not bad (luving family..)

Character: Friendly, easy going and approachable

Fav shows: chinese sword fighting drama... (alittle mismatch with his looks)

Fav phrase when comes to food : 随便啦~

Stock market: blue but close to red chip

Appeal to: both sexes as long as u are not looking for a manly or musculin guy

ok~! there u go.. finally got hold of my new housemate's photo, symmetric and some personal data to those hardcore out there dying to know who is my new housemate.. how i manage to get the photos? cos my bro was sort of wondering how he looked like and coincidentally he was outside my room fixing the phone wire.. so took the chance to ask him whether if i can take a pic of him to show my family lar... he was pretty ok with it... nice chap..

and if u are wondering if there's any hope for u OR ME... the ans is nope... cos he's attached wahahaha.... let's just say tat the phrase(chinese translate to eng) "好男人不是结婚(or attached),就是 gay..." has been tested and proven...

we are left with the defects.. no wonder there's alot of gals moving towards being a les.. male readers pls buck up...

P.S: the word "defects" is more towards personality... if u guys become more gentleman.. and noe how to socialise with gals, i think pretty soon u will be red chip too.. THERE'S STILL HOPE~!

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Apple&Guava juice
vanilla icecream =

hehe not veri aesthetic looking cos i took tat pic after a few bites.. :p
oh well tat's wat u do when u are bored...
but it's really not bad i must say..
next time try adding juice to ur icecream when u feel tat it's a little too sweet for u.. it helps in a way... same theory as adding fruits to dilute the taste.. just tat u save time on cutting the fruits

P.S: mom if u are looking at this through god noes how u get to this site... it's a 97% fat free icecream.. :)
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Friday, April 14, 2006


harlo~ pple happy easter to ya all :D
had been busy for the past 1week or so.. sigh... wasn't really happy with my mid term test.. hopefully i dont fail one of my test sia, 40% paper for 1.5hr test... cant really imagine >.< ..and my time management just suck to the max :( but oh well... currently having mid term break... and there's got lots of stuff to catch up..
To Do List:
prepare for the presentation (due Week 8)

write my case study 20% (due Week 8)

get my grp to start looking at the projects which we havent touched AT ALL (due on either Week 11-13)

note: the sch reopen week is Week 8

but nevertheless i think there's still time for me to slack abit lar..~ it's not that bad... oh oh ... hehe i bought this really cute hand made easter egg for myself :D kinda hopping to get some festive spirit up~

haha and i am starting to find some of the aussie really cute/funny... cos i was on my way home yesterday and i actually saw some bus drivers wore labbit ears..haha (pls note it's not compulsory, cos not all of them wore it..) but too bad.. i dont have camera phone if not i would have taken the pic ^^

Thought of the day: hmm..i wonder how do those aussie celebrate their easter ?

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Friday, April 07, 2006

test again

You Are a Cappuccino

You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.
However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.
You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation.
You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body

You're secure, trusting, and giving with friends and lovers
And while you may have been hurt before, you've bounced back
You're generally happy with your life - and no one's grass is greener than yours
One word of caution: some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!

You Are Trinity

"Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again."
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Zombie Self-Defense

In how stuff works u simply just get everything... not to mention the necessary know how; such as zombies and zombies self defenses..
yup... and now shall teach u some self defenses technique/survivial skills when u encounter zombies

Zombie Self-Defense
Whether featuring traditional, shambling zombies or a newer, smarter breed, most movies and games agree on how to survive a zombie attack:

Don't panic.
Get away from the zombies. Most of the time, you can move faster than they can.
Gather food, water, an emergency radio, flashlights and weapons, and retreat to a secure location.
If possible, retreat to a shopping mall, general retail store or other location where you'll have easy access to food and supplies.
Stay away from heavily populated areas, where the infestation is likely to be heaviest.
Barricade all entrances and stay put at all costs.
Don't get surrounded or backed into a corner or other enclosed space.
Remember that anyone bitten or killed by a zombie will become a threat to you and your party.
Wait patiently for rescue and make long-term preparations for your survival.

An important rule of zombie survival: Don't get surrounded. From "Night of the Living Dead."

Also, avoid common mistakes like:

Sheltering in a vehicle to which you do not have the keys
Leaving blades, cudgels or other basic weapons out for zombies to find
Teaching zombies how to use firearms
Giving your only weapon to anyone who is hysterical
Retreating to a basement or cellar without taking supplies with you
Getting into an elevator in a building infested with zombies
Letting personal feelings and arguments get in the way of survival

Actual link:
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Monday, April 03, 2006

Squid at Juno Airport 2006

check this out.. a really nice "drumming" grp performance.. it's just that they are playing with stools instead of drums hehe
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

rest day

yup.. after ranting so much yesterday... decided to cook myself french toast :D ~~!!
not bad lar huh~ and yup this is the most edible looking french toast tat i have cooked so far hahahhaha~
the previous time was kinda horrible... shan't go into the detail :p

and was chatting with Labbit bing (wahaha)

and this questions pops up... kinda curious how much egg is needed to cook 1 french toast? cos i put it in.. then all the egg kana soaked up by my first bread, leaving my second bread with veri little egg :(
sian my second bread was quite horrible so din take pic hohoho~ shall try to make a better french toast next time... (all fire up)
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Saturday, April 01, 2006


yes yes ~ it's me venting again~~ well wat's blog for? isnt it all abt expressing urself?

anyway.. was damn pissed off yesterday cos despite the fact that i took effort to go to sch on my free day + kana drenched in the rain cos my housemate borrowed my umbrella to sch...
NOBODY FREAKING TURNED UP for the meeting... except for one gal.. can u imagine 2pple (including me) out of 5pple turned up.. WT# wat kind of grp meeting is tat? how are we suppose to make any decision?! you guys must be thinking.. "oh.. most prob the meeting time was set eons ago so they din remember.." ya right~! it was set on THIS thursday 6-7pm that we were going to meet up on THIS friday 2pm... well if u call less than 24hrs ages ago... then i have nothing to say liao..

and u noe wat's the worst part? those that MIA only one actually bothered to call and text us... the rest of them din even bothered to email saying that they are not coming...~! This is just a total waste of me and the other gal's time sia.. waited in the lab for like 1.5hr before i finally gave up.. and i told the other gal to leave.. cos there's no point waiting..
Took me some time to throw them a civilise email:

Hi all~
I thought we have agreed on havinge a meeting today at 2pm..
but nobody turn up except phoebe and me... (maybe not everyone has gotten the message..?)
I'm not too sure when can i make it for the meeting again as i will be having mid term test on monday
hopefully we can settle a time where everyone can make it..

hopefully we can set a rule int the futurem, whereby if anyone couldn't make it for the meeting, it would be their responsibility for them to either send an email or like what jo did... call / text everyone in the group.


Interpretation of my email:
i tot we bloody hell have meeting at 2pm?! how come nobody turn up except for phoebe?
I'm giving u guys a benefit of doubt those that MIA without notice din get the message (the benefit of doubt just to give u guy some place to "下台" lor?! cos i bloody hell saw u guys agree upon it and double confirmed the timing with Jo)
i'm not going to care liao... u guys settle the time... chance of me coming for the decision making tat's due on tue 10am is damn low cos i bo chup + have test on monday..

P.S if u guys wanna MIA at least email or text... tat's a basic respect to the rest of the members that are turning up

The other reason y i'm so pissed off is that out of the 5 pple only two person giving out ideas and such.. which is me and the other who cant come...(the truth is... I'm the brain and the other gal is the mouth.. cos i dont have the flare in explaining stuff to pple) *faintz* and because most of them din noe what was going on... we "burnt" our fri to sun (when i say burnt i really mean burnt... the latest timing i reached home from sch was 1++AM) just to get the structure + writing a draft report...

and i was bloody hopping that the rest could come for yesterday so that we can at least setting some grp probs... cos i sense tat there are some of pple not veri happy abt me and the other gal dominating the grp.. but that guy himself have no idea how to do this project...~~!!!
it really pisses me off when someone dying to fight to do more work but they have freaking no idea how to do it... and give me rubbish or come up to us the last min asking hell lot of questions... how am i suppose to help him understand this whole subject and delegate work if he doesnt turn up?!?!?!?!

you noe what? i think i should just leave myself out of the decision making for this week..
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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Your Hat Personality Is A

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sun Yan Zi - wo ye hen xiang ta

a really nice MV adapting from the movie: sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu
looks my kind of movie~, but in a T_T way... argh... the MV just made me wanna watch the movie even more...

if any of you out there have a chance of finding the torrent of the movie, drama, or even this mv pls tell me~~ >.<
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

korean KTV madness

hahaha~!!! this is a really funny one~! go see this
(kinda old but not too sure anyone has seen it)

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Violin anyone?

saw this really cool video on a guy playing the violin...
hopefully this will inspire some of u guys :)

super power is the word

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Personality test


Take this test at Tickle

Your true color is Blue!
You're blue — the most soothing shade of the spectrum. The color of a clear summer sky or a deep, reflective ocean, blue has traditionally symbolized trust, solitude, and loyalty. Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending some time on your own, you'd rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances. Luckily, making close friends isn't that hard, since people are naturally attracted to you — they're soothed by your calming presence. Cool and collected, you rarely overreact. Instead, you think things through before coming to a decision. That level-headed, thoughtful approach to life is patently blue — and patently you!

What's Your True Color?

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Zhi ying, your emotions are triggered by your underlying belief in Compassion

In other words, your uncompromisingly compassionate nature directly affects how, and how often, you experience certain feelings.
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pleasant visit

today was kinda cold for summer it's about 25 degree (aircon temperature) and now it's raining~ maybe it's the cyclone that's making the weather so cooling...
hehe just awhile ago had a pleasant visit by our friend here (a very common animal found in australia...dont noe the name though) shall name it 圆圆 (round-round hahaha)^-^
hehe it happened to be sheltering itself from the raining in my balcony :D..

lucky is the word i suppose... and i was like :D x 10000~ when i saw 圆圆 lor.... been super long time since i get close to an animal...

plus 圆圆 wasnt afraid of me when i waved at it (asking it to come to me) and to my surprise it really did come close to me...

rush to the kitchen take out my peach and cut a few slice for it.. so happy....
but din really dare to open the fence door tat big...just big enough for me to pass the peach..

with super fast speed i went back and took a pic of 圆圆 holding and eating the peach tat i gave...

Ah~ i miss my cat~~ T_T... it's just feel so good to have a pet around me... miss you, Lina~~~ just hope tat she will still be ard when i go back to singapore.. sigh..

meanwhile, hope圆圆 will come visit me often :D
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Monday, March 20, 2006

zhiying's disorder

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Zhi ying's Disorder
Cause:genetically-modified fish
Symptoms:shrunken head, face blurring when photographed, peeling skin
Cure:fresh air
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Fairies World Poem

My fairies float on breezes warm,
in pastel shades they are adorned.
Ribbons, bows and castles too,
my fairies bring here just for you.

So come with me, and enter in
my fairy world - now let's begin.
Tread gently on the fairies flowers,
spend time with them in leafy bowers.

Feel the touch as their gossamer wings
brush your hand, what joy this brings.
Catch hold, the trailing ribbons high,
may be, you too will fly.

See bubbles blown to catch the light,
don't make a sound, less they take flight.
Enter then their castle home,
there's blue and pink, where you may roam.

Drift with them among the spires.
In my fairyland, no one tires.
Watch them paint the butterflies,
but, careful do not blink your eyes.

Sometimes with butterflies they come
to earth, to see what must be done.
Landing in your fairy dell,
but that's a secret, do not tell.

Only the elves, with whom they play
know they are there at the end of day.
They dance together in summer glades,
all this you can see as daylight fades.

You will know when they've been there,
pearls of dewdrops fill the air.
So welcome to my fairies world:
Let imagination be unfurled.
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Sunday, March 12, 2006


finally got kicked out by fobble chatbox for not posting anything on it for a veri long time...guess i'm really lazy to post anything these few days (since i got back to aussie aka slackers' wonderland) therefore no pple even bother to visit my blog..

but there's this saying... 旧的不去,新的不来 just got to get rid of the old ones to make space for the new ones hahaha... and there u go... foun meself a new chatbox with much better functions :D
absolutely love it~ has been playing ard with the features (mainly the emoticons) for the past few hrs ^-^

hmm.. been using this blogskin for a veri long time... hmmm.. wonder should i give it a change...but tat's a rather big shift.. got to see if i got any time spare for me to do it...
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oh my God... (wu zhong xian style)

Was watching one of the Jacky Wu's shows and came across this...
look at the photo below...

you guys must be thinking tat the topic of the day is the most look alike sisters...


the topic of the is the most look alike sister-looking mom and daughter~~!!
then now u all must be thinking: "WTF the mom marry so early..."
now here's the scariest part... who's the mom?
21yr old daughter
45yr old mom

Oh my god~~~!!
she really look damn young lor~! who would thought tat she's 45... maximum 25-28
bet u guys got a shock..
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Friday, March 10, 2006


A conservative transsexual woman comes to find out that when she was a man, she fathered a son and the boy is now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York and dreaming of meeting the father he never knew.

hahaha~! how cool iS Tat?!
cant really imagine if a she/male comes up to a person and said: "______~ i'm ur father" *faintz*

hahaha~ was surfing net yesterday and was kinda hopping to go for some gd movies.. man it's been so long since there's any good movie ard for u to watch...hmm... well hopefully this is gonna be a good one :)

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Monday, February 20, 2006


The Justice Card
You are the Justice card. Justice preserves the harmony of the world. Working with opposite forces, Justice does not seek to criticize or condemn but rather to accept. The idea behind the card justice is that opposite forces are complementary; you could not have good without evil or light without darkness. Justice's position is to make sure that if a thing is out of balance, the weight of its energy is realigned with its opposite force. This card is also a card of humour, for it is in pointing out contrary positions that humour is often found. The attitude that is found in the humourous person, being able to shift perspective and flow with an instinct, is important in the maintenance of good balance. Image from The Blue Moon Tarot Deck.

7142 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 136635 times.
5% of people had this result.

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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i contradict myself (-_-")
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Monday, February 13, 2006

are u in love?

V day special~~~ some of u might have doubt whether "that" person is the one u like.. may this might be of some help :p
Happy V day...

click to expand the pic
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Music: 周迅 - 外面


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Saturday, January 28, 2006


hohohohoho~ i must say this is a rather nice action movie to catch during chinese new yr...although there's not much plot in it.. but Jet Li manage to lift up the excitement with using his suew~ suew~ (beautiful) fighting style to keep me at edge of the seat through out the whole show :D and not to mention the fantastic angles that dierctor Ronny Yu used to capture the fighting scenes (thumbs' up ;) )
sometimes movies like these should really use chinese directors... they're defintely better than some HollyWood directors...

Finally i'm gonna rate the movie: Fearless 3.5 / 5 stars instead of 4 ...
cos i'm kinda disappointed with the plain plot... especially when this is gonna be Jet Li's last chinese chinese martial arts epic movie...

My New Yr present to those who actually bother to read my blog once a blue moon is the Jay Chou music MV of Fearless... happy dling :)
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shall We Dance?

just awhile ago my bro came back from his "pig fri.. dog ...end" outing...
and there he was wondering y i was listening to some tango music.. (it was from "Shall We Dance OST")...

Bro: eh since u like these type of songs u should go and learn dancing mah... recently alot of gals learning leh...

Me: ? dont want hahaha i want to learn it when i'm old

Bro: ??
Bro: y?! most pple prefer to learn it when they are younger...

Me: oh.. cos i wanna learn it with my husband hahahahaha~

Bro: aiya then should learn when now.. next time can impress ur bf or there's lots of cases where the partner became bf/gf...

Me: oh~ then u should go mah... then maybe u will get ur gf there...hahaha

Bro: huh?! dont want lar.. i dont mind going but i dont want to go alone... abit pai sei

Me: hmm... hahahaha ask mom to go with u lor... LOL~~!!!

Bro: o_O"
(after recovered from shock)
Bro:huh dont want lar... so weird...

Bro: or else go for pole dance also good hahaha~ heard tat alot of pple learning.. saw this article where there's this journalist went to interview those who attented the class... lots of them are yappies.. and some of them are aunties (30s+++ to 40s)...

Bro: and one of the aunties' say tat she join it because she wanna spice up her life and to give their husbands a surprise..haha

Me: hahaha how to give surprise??? hahaha no pole in the house leh... hahahaha~

Bro: oh maybe get someone to fix a stick in the room or wat hahaha..then the husband will kana shock

Me: hahahaha no lar so expensive...hahahaha ... maybe can take bamboo stick then put it in the bedroom then she can dance ard it....ah hahahaha~~!!!!
Me: but i think the husband will say this when he saw the bamboo stick: " how come u started drying the clothes in the room??? u will wet the floor~~!!!"

Me: hahahaha i think will be a surprise as wel.... though it's abit different

Bro: hahahahaha..

Bro: aiya... or lap dance? lap dance also veri popular...haha~

Me: wat's tat...

Bro: hmm..not veri sure...

Me: dance on pple's lap...? i think it's veri painful for the guys haha.. esp if she was wearing high heels...hahahahaha!!!

Bro: hahahaha~~~ noooooo.... tat's not wat i meant... wat i think is maybe the guy is sitting down and the gal dance ard or something...

Bro: hmm~ lap dance is good...

Me: o.. is there's classes for guys?
Me: u go learn lar..hahahahaaha

Bro: oo...~ i think dont have hahaha.... i think if have then the guy will be sitting down most of the time hahahaha...~
Bro: hahahaha i cant imagine a guy dancing lap dancing lap dance to the wife hahahahahaha~~~~~~~!!!!! the wife sure kana shocked.. or thinking tat the husband is trying to funny...hahaha~

Me: ROFL~~~!!!

So anyone interested in pole dancing or lap dancing hahaha~??
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Black Week

wat can i say...last week is just horrible... or is it karma taking place~......
NooOOoOoooOOoOo~~~ but..but... i did nothing.... i dont deserve this~~~ T_T
since last week i've been living in proverty cos my dad had stopped giving me pocket $$ -_-" and then came.. meeting up with LB and gangs for the movies...dont noe y... after i got home i realised my legs were being biten by some sort of bugs.. dont noe wat's tat.. but definitely not mosquitos lor... (i noe u guys always say my house got lots of mosquitos....)cos the swollen patchs were really big... some were even bigger than 50cent coins T-T...

then this on monday morning.. my face was in an horrible state... and i tot the world is coming to an end...overslept also can get sun burnt~! My God.. nvr in my life have i encountered pple getting sun burnt for sleeping too late into the afternoon... and i just slept until 12pm lor...

then just yesterday night i realise that it might tat i'm allergic to some food tat i had taken on sunday ... but these sort of rashes nvr happen to me before~ >.< sob sob

Sigh~~~~ T-T hopefully i will recover from it real soon... currently i dont even dare to walk out of the house... *shake head*
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Friday, January 20, 2006

One Art

The art of losing isn't hard to master
So many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster

Lose something everyday. Accept the fluster
at lost door keys, the hour badly spent
The art of losing isn't hard to master

Then practise losing farther, losing faster,
places and names, and where it was you meant to travel.
None of these will bring disaster.
I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last,
or next-to-last, of three loved homes went.
The art of losing isn't hard to master

I lost 2 cities, lovely ones. And vaster,
some realms I owned, 2 rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster

-Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident
The art of losing isn't hard to master though it may look like (write it!) like disaster-

Zy's note:
got this poem from the story book: In Her shoes (shall skip the reference part hohohoho)....
and yaya... thank you Ms Ami (lb's new nick derived from the tee she wore yesterday heh heh..) for helping me to copy this poem out in popular bookstore(cos my copy skill sucks...hahaha and almost kana charge for copyrighting hahaha~ dont give a damn since it's less than a page..dont think they can charge us also...
but anyway hope you guys will like this poem too..find it rather meaningful :)
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

it's raining again

my gosh.... i'm really bored... been raining everyday for the past one week...
well though the weather is rather nice to sleep..but it would be better if it rain at this really bad feeling tat during CNY it's gonna be super hot and humid... >.<
oh ya...look at the photo..just wrap it today... see~?!
how bored i am... wrapping a jap dictionary...

to those of u whom had the chance to eat ROYCE chocolate..does it look familiar?
hahahaha yesh~~~!!! it's the wrapper... ~~~!!

i was so fascinated by their packaging when I opened it up.... sometimes i really wonder if the packaging cost more than the product itself.. no wonder so expensive...

hahahaha but wat the hack.. i'm making full use of it anyways... ;)
jap packaging is just SUPERB *thumbs up*
maybe i should just go into this line.. give them a lousy product with a superb packaging..and charge them like siao...
but royce is really nice to eat.. so ya.. not being cheated in any ways
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Monday, January 09, 2006

rainy days

aiyo.. these two days it has been raining raining and raining zzz...~ and there i was surfing through the net and found these 2 webbie.... hahahahaha one of them is a movie clip.. the other is just so cute overload... just like it's website haha
hope u guys enjoy it

movie clip:

cute overload:
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

character pic




Fortune teller
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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ah~~!!! cobwebs everywhere

AH~~.. my blog is starting to grow cobwebs liao... >.<~
*clean* *clean* *sweep* *sweep*...~
now tat looks better isnt it....

hahaha has been really "busy" these few weeks.. not to mention my jap homework is piling up like siao... And YES.. i do remember i still owe you guys the script... you noe... it's not tat i dont want to write.. it's just tat...erm just tat... .........

hohohohoho~ anyways will write it out one lar.. i'm at act 1 already... maybe post it out soon ok??? hahahahaha :D
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