Sunday, April 02, 2006

rest day

yup.. after ranting so much yesterday... decided to cook myself french toast :D ~~!!
not bad lar huh~ and yup this is the most edible looking french toast tat i have cooked so far hahahhaha~
the previous time was kinda horrible... shan't go into the detail :p

and was chatting with Labbit bing (wahaha)

and this questions pops up... kinda curious how much egg is needed to cook 1 french toast? cos i put it in.. then all the egg kana soaked up by my first bread, leaving my second bread with veri little egg :(
sian my second bread was quite horrible so din take pic hohoho~ shall try to make a better french toast next time... (all fire up)


karwai said...

It depend on ur 'soak' skill~
normally i cook french toast, i will use 2 egg cook wth 3 bread.

ZY said...

wah~ u must be those 好好先生 tat cooks at home veri often...