Sunday, July 30, 2006

new sem

New sem, new sem...~
some pple rejoice and while others frown... i suppose most of the uni students in singapore will frown cos the sch holiday is about to end soon...

well as for me.. i had already frowned for the past 2weeks haha..since my first day of sch.. yes.. it's tat winter holiday only lasted 3weeks... sob sob... and has been coping with my sch this sem.. had two of my electives exemptions taken away... so currently i had to study 3 units instead of one.

Speaking of which, it all boils down to the fact tat i tot i need to finish 2units before i can complete my uni... but to an unpleasent surprise i realised that the sch made a mistake... i onli need to finish one more unit... -_-" (if i knew that i would have taken it last sem or during the summer break)
sigh... but now since i'm stuck with it might as well make the full use of it by taking retail marketing which is one of the units i planned to take as well as japanese for the sake of taking for fun.. Hey who noes man.. maybe those few units might help me increase my GPA hehe... which in any case i dont think i can afford to get any lower.. sad... i noe.. i'm stuck with "C"s in my whole life... this is my chance for getting better for a change.. perhaps it's God's doing.. wahahahaha maybe find myself a new romance while i'm here.. some ang mos will be nice.. haha who noes lol.. recently spotted alot of ang mos and asian couples in my sch.. lalalala~ (scandal... scandal)

So now a little brief on my units so far..

Marketing decision making:
interesting subject.. horrible but interesting lecturer/tutor (same person) who will try every means to trick her students in the questions she set and torture her students by not telling or go through the answers.. challenging yet sometimes you will feel like killing her... Yes~ tat's Pamela Jackson..
got thought by her once... well let's just say.. if you are up to the stress level tat she gave you... you probably will enjoy her class cos it's one of the most rewarding tutor you ever get..

Retail marketing:
Yes~!! finally got some excuses to go shopping without having much guilt cos you are actually being asked to do field studies in shopping centers... well the down side of this unit is going shopping as well... partially because i'm not really into shopping tat much.. at lest not to the extend where i was made to travel to suburbs shopping center to do field studies.. -_-" as i always shop in the city instead.. hmm~ come to think of it.. i still havent go into shopping center yet.. probably should go some time soon.. guess it's time to really do explore brisbane now while i have the chance...

it's basic japanese.. bleah... took it purely for pleasure purposes.. it's always nice to learn a new language.. even better when already know most of the basics... no stress at the moment... i should say it acts as a revision + a means to push my GPA points high.. muahhahaha.. wicked.. but i like... it's fun.. :) (innocent look)

Hmm.. good news about this sem..? I only need to go to sch for 2 days in a week hohoho... happy.. ^^
k guys.. i think i wrote enough rubbish for the day...update you on wat i have done next time... :D

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