Saturday, February 26, 2005

aus part2 QUT life

Had orientation this week~... things doesnt goes well as i thought it will be. Problems with my sch timetable one of my lecture is missing on the timetable turns out it is full and there isnt any other lecture available for that subject.. >.<~ i was so scare that the system take it as i din turn up for the lecture~!!! end up going through course coordinator to see if it's alright blah.. blah.. blah...~ Ahh... toking abt course coordinator i also had to check out my electives with course coordinator to see if i am qualified to take their electives.. currently have a few electives on my mind..(some electives available are quite interesting wahaha) and was also thinking abt going to oversea for student exchange program... hopefully i can maximise my degree...JAPAN HERE I COME~~!!! :D or wish to come haha... just emailed my course coordinator again lol.. i think i just love troubling course coordinator lol~~! WISH ME LUCK.. because i have search the web regarding the exchange program.. and it's one sem.. kinda not sure if the uni allow me to do so since my degree take onli 2yr to complete... dont noe leh.. (getting paranoid again..) I want to see kawaii otoko~!!!! or better..get a kawaii otoko..HAHaA.. ohoh(side track abit) i got to know a japanese gal studying management wahahaha.. so exciting.. want to know her more.. *suddenly felt like a pervert..(-_-) got excited becos she is a jap* Back to my topic... ya tat's wat i am going through now.. lots of questions in my mind.. trying to map out my degree life in aus.. busy busy busy... course that i'm interested are erm sound and image, sound theatre, creative industry events, technical theatre.. etc etc.. all seems so much fun... how i wish i'm in technical production degree rather than business.. *pout*

And ya.. i think i have told quite alot of u that my making fren session isnt going well... maybe i am too overfriendly.. trying to get some contact from pple that they felt i'm abit desparate or wat... i really dont noe wat to do..9 out of 10 is ang mo..~~~!!! (X.X) well at least i got to know one hongkong gal.. she's in marketing, got her own clique but all from management.. *lucky*... hopefully get to tag along.. well that's my life in QUT bah...
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Monday, February 21, 2005


miss me? well guess not many pple read my blog or post comments.. *Pout* ah well.. manage to get a pc at the sch campus for me to surf net... (felt so handicap without internet...)

RANTING session : haha.. I almost wanted to send an mms third finger pic to our "DeAr" albert on the day of departure for making my friends upset (cos they want to send me off hohohoho~ I just so popular wahahaha *ego*) but guess wat he says is right.. concert is just 3months away~!!.. aiya but he don't have to be so harsh mah… then again I think he felt he was way to lenient to us and everything is going down hill..(hopefully not for long)
Hope tat when I come back, the choir is still doing good.. felt kinda sad cos I'm going away when the choir needed pple most…although I cant do much but always wish to be of some help at least..*sigh*

NAGGING session: Time passes by real fast it's already the fifth day since I reach Australia… currently lack of sleep like siao...(4hr of sleep for passed 3days) after the glamourous side of studying overseas I had soon realise the unglam side... which is cleaning up the house(3hrs of rearranging of furniture and cleaning... ouch*)lots of walking up and down the hills... (up and down.. up and down he wondered... lalalala) my back is aching…
walking distance from the apartment to tram station (same as my house) is bad enough under 30degree hot sun.. up and down the hills.. (let me die)..
my housemates decided to cook when actually none of them use to cook at home ... so we end up eating weird stuff.. fried egg with uncooked tomato and salad sauce.. weird~ oh at least siew rong's Ba Gu Teh saved the day..

NEW DISCOVERY: I think I am the worst among the all of my housemates*gasps*… one of the guys actually clean the kitchen floor almost everyday.. most of them are so thrifty.. and although their cooking ingredients are weird but.. at least I din get food poisoning and some dishes actually tasted quite gd… *ashamed*
On saturday I spent AU$99 to figure out that singapore’s door is different from my apartment door…
You noe y?!?! cos I actually manage to get myself locked out of my room without knowing tat once the door is locked from the inside nobody can open from the outside.. not even with the key..( till now I have no idea y they still issue the room door key to me).. and obviously being a smartass (-_-) I din try out the lock before locking the door… Arrrr… I felt so stupid… in the end called up the lock smith to open the door.. there goes my $99 (extra charges on saturday)… argghhh.. kana laughed by my housemate's friend.. sianz…
Another new discovery is that you can iron dry your carpet when it's soak with water thx to the tap in the toilet.. my whole carpet was all soaked up~!!! my housemate came up with the idea of ironing it.. well although the carpet is dry now.. but some part are burnt~~!!!hopefully the agent din realise tat (crossing finger)

well i will try to post some of the pics up once i get the internet done...
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Thursday, February 10, 2005

spare some thoughts

it's a simple yet...indepth poem..
some pple were moving and inspiring by this poems...
while others thought it was just a simple poem.. cos everything comes and goes so naturally..
wat do u think...

The poem: click me~
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

You Have A Type B+ Personality


You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions

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Friday, February 04, 2005

:D new shoes

Song: happy~sha lalala~~...

YEY~!!! Finally got my shoes...(had been searching for it since dont noe when(-_-"))
got it at a rather gd price of $90 although i got a hunch that i can get it even lower $... oh well the shop keeper really know her product well.. so guess it isnt so bad...(retail skills ichiban)

TADA~~!!! how was my photo shooting skill? not bad right? hohohoho~~ kinda remind me of some space ships floating in outer space..(if u imagine hard enough u will get what i mean :P)
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