Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Personlity test - Spontaneous Idealist

Spontaneous Idealist (SI)
Spontaneous Idealists are creative, lively and open-minded persons. They are humorous and dispose of a contagious zest for life. Their enthusiasm and sparkling energy inspires others and sweeps them along. They enjoy being together with other people and often have an uncanny intuition for their motivations and potential. Spontaneous Idealists are masters of communication and very amusing and gifted entertainers. Fun and variety are guaranteed when they are around. However, they are sometimes somewhat too impulsive in dealing with others and can hurt people without really meaning to do so, due to their direct and sometimes critical nature.Spontaneous Idealist

This personality type is a keen and alert observer; they miss nothing which is going on around them. In extreme cases, they tend to be oversensitive and exaggeratedly alert and are inwardly always ready to jump. Life for them is an exciting drama full of emotionality. However, they quickly become bored when things repeat themselves and too much detailed work and care is required. Their creativity, their imaginativeness and their originality become most noticeable when developing new projects and ideas - they then leave the meticulous implementation of the whole to others. On the whole, Spontaneous Idealists attach great value to their inner and outward independence and do not like accepting a subordinate role. They therefore have problems with hierarchies and authorities.

If you have a Spontaneous Idealist as your friend, you will never be bored; with them, you can enjoy life to the full and celebrate the best parties. At the same time, they are warm, sensitive, attentive and always willing to help. If Spontaneous Idealists have just fallen in love, the sky is full of violins and their new partners are showered with attention and affection. This type then bubbles over with charm, tenderness and imagination. But, unfortunately, it soon becomes boring for them once the novelty has worn off. Boring everyday life in a partnership is not for them so that many Spontaneous Idealists slip from one affair into another. However, should the partner manage to keep their curiosity alive and not let routine and familiarity gain the upper hand, Spontaneous Idealists can be inspiring and loving partners.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

beauty time - mask

yes.. it's hard to believe... even to myself.. lol i actually bought a mask for myself.. :p probably under the influence of miss LB and her theory that woman after 24 will start to age alot faster.. hence i bought my first collagen mask to give it a try as a treat..
what made me actually bought this $6.90 mask? well i guess mostly due to the fact that it's a collagen mask (sort of remembered that lb kept on talking how collagen is good for our skin etc...)and i simply like their packaging.. not too sure how much a mask like that would usually cost (too lazy to do a price comparison).. but i think overall i can feel that my skin got smoother after it..hohoho so fun...~ and i actually used the left over collegan water to wipe my hands and legs cos i felt it was such a waste to throw them away. :p
i guess like what the store lady advised, i probably wouldn't use it often since i have oily face.
btw.. i'm curious, the instruction said something along the line about following the full skin care procedure after removing the mask.. what is that?
all i did was to just was my face with soap... :S hopefully my $6.90 dont go to waste because of that..
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