Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME

happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to me...
happy birthday
happy birthday~~~
happy birthday to me~!!!!

yay... it's my birthday again...~ (not really "again" lar... since it's once a year thingy...) but somehow it got me to miss home even more... sigh... nobody really celebrated with me this time round..just went to watch a movie and head back home...

for once, i felt that watching movie alone can be kinda lonely..oh well..guess it's also because now is examination nothing much i do about it... was rather glad that there wasnt any exam on my birthday...(unlike last year..)

and lastly before i end my post... i would like to thank those msges, smses and cards to me (vivien, lb, sarah, family, blah blah..)

really appreciate it :)

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