Wednesday, August 31, 2005

if i have one million dollar

hahahaha~~~!! got a song from my scary bro... so funny...
Title? Jit Pa Ban of course~~! lol
they even have translation and lyric leh... not bad sia... :D
webbie? :

if any of u guys wanna learn funny and easy hokien song other than jit gi sou ho shua (little umbrella... tat song that pple requested me to sing everytime i go to KTV..) no doubt this is currently the best one... that little umbrella that i sang.. is just horrible when they start to speed up...

heh heh... btw if anyone of u noe how to use the radio blog pls tell me... currently having probs on getting started... duhh~~~!!
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Monday, August 15, 2005

nice song :D

Song: Bethany Joy Lenz - Honestly

Honestly I didn’t mean to cry so hard
The heartache was pouring in like rain
I didn’t mean to show I care

Honestly I didn’t mean to laugh so loud
But it just sounds so absurd
To say that you want me
Say that you need me
After everything you’ve done

Really truly I didn’t mean to hurt you
I just thought that maybe now
We’d have better luck the second time around
Its always better the second time I hear

Find me in the evening
When your ready to dance
And I will take you to places
where you never thought you'd have the chance to love
Love is all we have
I will run myself in circles here without you
Please believe that I tried my best to forget you
the memories keep flooding in like tears
I didn’t mean to fall in love

But sitting here waiting for this is torture
I'm so glad you’re far away-
Was that a terrible thing to say?
And I wonder if your ok

Find me in the evening
When your ready to dance
And I will, take you to the places
Where you never thought you'd have the chance to love
Love is all we have
I will run myself in circles here without you
Oh, I would run myself in circles here without you

Oh I tried and tried
And I can't hide from your love

Darling its too late
to show me your intentions
You know we’ve got to find a way to get past all the implications
every situation
every complication that we've come from
Love is all we have
I will run myself in circles here without you
Darling love
Love is all we have
I will run myself in circles here without you

note from Zy: got to know this really nice song from one of my friends' blog :D go check it out if u guys have time ;)
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Singapore

Time passes really quick… wat can I say…

(6months has passed since i came to brisbane)

Man.. it’s just so depressing to go to school on national day… to make things worst I had close book test today… AHHH~~~!!!! Irritating is the word… I.R.R.I.T.A.T.I.N.G~~~!!!
at first I tot it’s just another day of sch until a gal walked passed me with lots of tiny Singapore flags… u noe lar~ I personally don’t care abt such things, national day is just another public holiday for me... (they just dont seems to be as exciting as it used to be...)
but somehow it's just different this year...
Today while i was walking towards Y block.. someone was blasting Tanya's song over the system.. a sense of familiarity started to fill my heart.. and the next thing that came to my view were some tents and people were enjoying themselves with all those good food.. *drool*

sad to say all i could do was to go to Y block grab some food and ran to library to study for my test... T_T...

ah well~ at least the day didnt end on a bad note... and i had my fair share of celebrating NDP with my housemates... though the whole online NDP live telecast was horrible (can u imagine?! 2hr show i think i onli watched 30min...)
but we had an enjoyable time together..

as usual i kana suan like dont noe wat....(not tat i enjoy being suan.. but it just so happened to be me all the time >.<) damn~! last time kana say until like my face very chao lao... now one of my housemates actually created a new description for my look... Illegal immigrant from China...~ WT !@#$%#...~~ of all the things kana say like illegal immigrant... really have to learn from tat rockson blog... filled my post with lots of "interesting" words... Tell me~ where in the world do i look like illegal immigrant..huh? huh?! arrrggghhh (that guy wearing black >.<)

ok guys, this is the first time i'm gonna post the highly anticipated pics of my housemates... sorry for making u guys waited so long for this...none of them knew i was taking their photo until i showed it to them my camera :p

the long waiting process... (@_@")

*screenshots from the clip*

Left to Right: William, Stanley, Shenton

Stanley die die also refuse to let me take his pic..where as Shenton refuses to take the pic unless he is being introduced as the most eligible bachelor in my blog :p
(we will see abt tat shenton... if u let me take a pic of u nicely and stop suaning me... perhaps tat would be of some help..) well as for william guess he was too tired to even protest against my plot.. (had onli 4hrs sleep yesterday.. 辛苦你了 ) *shake head*

After much much Much.....~ persuasion....

this is the onli "decent" photo tat he pose and let me take.. (-_-")

haha...hopefully in the future i get to take some photos with them and post it up on blog for u guys... :)

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm fat...

Yup... it's a confession... the stupid link that my friend passed me made me feeling guilty abt eating all those "lovely" junk food...
well i have reason for eating some of the junk food you noe...

Example: Pods Chocolate. :D cos currently i'm working on a project on tat..wahahahahaha~~~!!! (one junk food excuse down... serveral more to go >.<) erm... wat else... oh ya... those fast food... i swear to you.. u can never find decent food after 7pm cos all food court will be close by then.. and there's only the fast food for me to choose from... (2 excuses down :p) well enough of excuses :p... so ya... i'm innocent..~!!! Want to feel guilty about ur weight? check out this "wonderful" webbie

(veri easy... for those who had prob reading chinese... just fill up the first 2 blanks at the top of the page... the first blank is the weight (kg), second is the height (in meter.. e.g: 1.70)
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