Friday, November 16, 2007

The Question of Life

these few days hasn't been great for me...


well...technically my gum area here i was trying to use tongue to "make" it better...
instead... i can feel that the tooth is getting abit loosen..

☆(.'')('',)☆ says:
OH NO~~!! i need to see a dentist...

Friend says:
y wat happen?

☆(.'')('',)☆ says:
arrrr~ i think i am getting a toothache.. i feel my tooth abit numb.. it's one of those big tooth but not wisdom tooth..

Friend says:
did it feel loose?

☆(.'')('',)☆ says: you noe??

Friend says:
oh i think it will drop then grow new one

☆(.'')('',)☆ says:

yes now comes the The Question of Life..~!
wah lao so old liao will still change teeth meh???

nvr in my life heard of pple changing their teeth after they reach teens..
not too sure if i've loose every single milk in my mouth... but this is far too exciting for me... maybe my metabolism is still in it's puberty stage... (is tat y i get excited over anime??)wat if it decides to drop now and forgot abt grow back??!?!
*going making appointment tml*
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Graduation Trip

Heh.. okok i know it's stale news... but... i'm just way too lazy to blog for the past weeks...busy slacking and all :p

well it's always better to be late than never right?? RiGht???


ok.. awkward pause...

come to think of it.. there's nothing interesting happened... but am glad that i made this trip down to the Brisbane again :)
Pretty much slacked all my days away till my graduation day itself... but how else you call it a holiday?!?!?!?! yaya typcial me toking....
Learnt my lesson.. will plan what to do before going for free and easy trip next time..

And YESSSHHHH~~~!!! it's my FIRST PAID LEAVE... WAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!! man~ pay you to go on a leave... cant think of anything better than tat at the moment.....~~~~!!!!

Besides that... i'm pretty thrilled to meet up with Anna (my ex-collegue) who came all the from sydney to brisbane to join me on a trip... yay~~~!! and ya.. my ex-housemate too...(currently taking his final sem)... so it's just me, my friend and ex-housemate.. NO PARENTS~~~ lalalalalalalala~ yay... yup first time going on a free and easy trip without parents... no biggie since i practically studied in aus myself.. but still it's always the thought of doing things the first time tat makes me happy~ with the exception on certain occassions of cos... (e.g making a fool of myself unintentionally)

yay~ enough toking here are the photos i took~!

oh no....can see my double chin >.<" must go on diet

went to mt. cootha~ it has the best night scenery in brisbane.. from the hill you can see the whole of brisbane... the photo is the first thing tat greets you when come to mt. cootha.. a beautiful restaurant.. which is where we had our dinner :D..
p.s chocolate fan - try their baileys cocktail... you will love it :)
look at those "diamonds" :D

the shot tat took ages to take.. (my cam suck with night shots..) kinda ashame to say this... but it's anna who brought us there... apparently i and my housemate dont venture out often you just cant go anywhere without cars in aus... thank you miss Anna :D

Photos at Dream World

Photos taken at Movie World

:D That's all folks~!!!
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Friday, October 12, 2007

which one do you think represent me the most? :p

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

personality test :p

You Are a Blue Crayon

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Celebrity lookalike

Wahahaha... I look like ZHANG ZI YI.. :D

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In debt

yes~!!! just like tat video... i pretty much reacted the same way when i realized how much i spent the on the last week of the month...

$450 *replay video again*

Insane is the word...~~!!!

well i guess at some point of the month you will have this urge to buy things... i guess tat's wat we call shopping therapy (excuse excuse..)
so wat have i bought?
erm... ermm... not much lar
Bag, t-shirts, shoes, watch, laptop parts, and er.. entertainment

Not MUCH WAT~~~!!!! (in denial state...)
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Blog editted~!

Yes... if u realised... hopefully u do...
my blog actually made some changes...


i wasn't actually planning to do it~ arrrrgghhhhh

i....i.... overrided it... with a blogskin tat i intended to use it on my another blog...~!!!!!


hai.. but think on the bright side...
at least i make a decent job on my side bar kekekeke...
i like my act cool pic *thumbs up..~! :D*
(hehehe actually took alot of snap shots before i finally settled on this.. but the resolution is LOW =.=)

anyway those of you who visit my blog... if there's any =.="
and you have a blog.. please drop me ur blog add please... cos most prob i do not have them anymore cos i only save them on my blog skin :S

Thanks you ~
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gone shopping~ (not the movie)

Yeay~ PAY DAY~~~~~~~~~
so ya tat pretty much sums up the whole entry hahaha~!
yesh... went on a spending trip yesterday to get lb's present with sy and lb herself...
and so.. along the i got myself some present haha... for rewarding myself lar.. heh~!
i finally bought myself a watch tat i've been thinking... not exactly the design i want cos i just cant carry it off.. boo~ but it's the same module and i think it's pretty cool :D

it's by Sheen (casio) with both normal clock hand and digital time function.. alarm etc.. yes... i like stuff with functions :D.. and wat's more, the design is great...anyone who noes me noes tat i'm particular abt watch.. if i were to spend a money.. i wouldn't mind spending on watch.. as it tells someone abt your personality and taste ;) And i must say.. i'm kinda disappointed with quite alot of brands... tat's one of the reason y i din get myself a watch for so long...
but casio has been coming out with pretty decent watches nowadays *pat on their back* :) .. almost got another casio watch for myself.. well tat can always leave it for my friends to get for me.... *HiNT* *HiNT*

took an artistic shot with my new watch...

Well all in all... it's a fruitful day....~! sy and lb both gotten quite alot of stuff for themselves..(aiya forgot to take a pic of them with all their shopping bags :p)and WE finally got lb her present... :D a good size sling bag..enough to put all the necessary stuff.. umbrella, jacket, wallet and wise not bad.. i think it's a old series by Ink.. but who cares...

Once again... HAPPY Belated BDAY To u ar Wabbit~ next time we go out makan :p
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Monday, July 30, 2007

EQ test

Your EQ is 127

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
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131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


hohohoho~ went to watch movie today~ :D
Yesh Yesh~
me and my movie again.. and my latest obsession FOOD
heh anyway... went to watch movie with yan ling and her bf's gang...

it's about a female research psychologist involved in a project to develop a device that will permit therapists to help patients by entering their dreams which later turned into a disaster when the device is stolen from the lab.
Review: not bad not bad... i would say i give it a 3.5 star which is what i consider a "Should Watch" movie..
note: don't expect to understand when u start watching.. the story plot will reveal the background story etc... as it goes along..all you need is an open mind..~

now the food part:
the 3 in one photo is taken by miss yan ling :p nice ya~ like how the photo comes out.. can even use it as a border...:D
Food: Swiss Roll
From: Made with Love (Plaza Singapura)
Value: a price tat fits its looks... taste normal.. can be improved ;)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

food crave

haha went out to Novena for food~!
heh... it's a rather sudden decision because i wanna eat Tom Yam steamboat... so ya it's the same old groupy (me, sy and lb) so ya lar out to makan...
ask "y no yl?" :p cos noeing her... u must book her like in advance advance then can otherwise she will most likely go nuah (slack) with her Fuzzy (bf nick chose by her)or go church kekeke....~

okok~ like i was saying earlier i want to eat Tom Yam.... so i went to pester lb and sy to come... haha they are so loved by moi ;p
the steamboat that lb suggested closed for holiday
Wah Piang~~~ Novena and Eunos veri far LEH LEh Leh leh...~~ (echo)

hai~ anyway so we end up at this korean family restaurant and had korean bbq over there..
price wise pretty reasonable judging from the equipment they used... but..hmm the bqq food we ordered weren't wat we like.. well to be precise the it's the main dishes aren't that great.. the side dishes were nice though.. :D
well guess we chose the wrong type of food..cos we saw alot of pple who came in ate the normal stone bowl type of food rather than bbq..

hmm... and after that lb went off, left me and sy so we went down to far east to walk walk haha.. not bad... got ourselves a watch.. same one... keke not sure the rest of the 3 gu 6 po gang interested to get the same watch with us :p

anyway here are the photos we took today :D

10 side dishes~ i like the mash potato *drool*~ and oh oh the ikan bilies(spelling?)too... different from those that u ate from the malay store..

the vege gals haha..


the watch we bought... :D not bad right... sy choose one
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Monday, June 18, 2007

My Personality
Openness To Experience
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Hey there Delilah"

Hey there Delilah
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But girl tonight you look so pretty
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Times Square can't shine as bright as you
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I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
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Oh it's what you do to me
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I know times are getting hard
But just believe me girl
Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
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and we'll just laugh along because we know
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Delilah I can promise you
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The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do
You know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This ones for you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me.
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Rest day

This week hasn't really been great..but thanks to lb and sy.. i'm feeling much better now hohoho~~!! well wat can i say... it's always great to have jie mei to let u fa xie and go crazy...~

Anyway this two days we went shopping, eat, and watch movie (on sat) hohohoho~
hehe... anyway if u guys are wondering how's Shrek 3 i did say it's one of the few movie tat's actually maintain it's standard despite being a series...
movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Spider man just din really make it to their standard... =.=" quite sad case..

anyway these are some pic we took

Liang san po scene?

"quick~ tilt ur head 45degree.. and... Act Cute" :D

G2000 blu jacket... bought it at a reasonable price... yay~!

felt abit cheated by the aunty who sold me...~ sigh~ bought it at a slightly ex price of $29.90... argh.. more ex than the jacket.. oh well.. pple~~~!! beware of a shop tat sell accessary at Far East lvl 3 which uses the excuse of not lowering the price due to designer request..
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boss pulling stunt

when's the last time since u got stunned by somebody..
not sure about u guys.. it certainly doesnt happen tat often on my side..
well.. i've met my match... my Boss...

It was almost 6pm..and i was starting to pack bits of my stuff

Boss:hey..zhiying... just in case u get bored....we have decided to add more things for u to do

Me: noo~~ i'm busy.. i'm occupied

Boss: no problem. you can handle it. :P

Boss: we want u to be happy ... u should take the job (another old collegue joined in the fun and agreed with him)

Boss: u need variety... ~so tat ur life wont be so boring
Me: But... but... i'm happily occupied~~~

guess... you just can never underestimating ur bosses.. :S
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Friday, May 04, 2007

Dedicate to Miss Lb

Heh... it's been so long since i posted something..and first thing i do is to post something that LB's been finding...

Dont you just love this friend of ur's ;P

LB...~ here's the song u wanted

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Phatom of the Opera Muscial


Serious man~! after 10years of waiting... it's all worth it~!
Everything is just GREAT.... From Acting, Singing all the way to to the details they put in for props.. the amount of mula i spent... well.. let's just say the only regret is to let Ek nee (spelling?)bought the tickets... cos he die die also dont want to spilt up the group... resulting us sitting all the way behind..considering the fact that we bought it ard 1weeks after the ticket sales starts... this just sucks..~ y did i ever think of going with them.... *peer at LB* well not her fault... just that we din noe it's going to such a big grp since we intend to go for the expensive tickets...

got Kevin to help me take the photo... 3Q~!!

Me and LB bought ourselves a Phatom of the Opera necklaces... guess it's the only thing i would wear...cos not too showy since it's small... :)

All in all... i'm just plain thrilled abt this whole show... am really consider to see if i can afford another round of the show before they leave Singapore... But thinking back of a quote once said in a movie ("好吃的东西,吃一次就够了…") i think i should give it a pass...and wait for them to come back next time... :)
Who knows..maybe another 10yrs down the road when they decided to come back again.. i will be getting a whole new experience from the show... ;)
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

job job job~~~

hello~~ hohoho been one month since i last blogged? probably ard there... oh well...been looking for jobs high and low...and made some silly mistake along the way... *sigh* guess u can call me stupid or risk taker if you want to..
just awhile back i went for 2 interviews

one company is a small firm and the job scoop is maintain networking with current client and as well as recruiting new students to study the courses the company provide.. mainly targeting working adults at the current moment.

the other company... big mnc working as a price analyst.. deal with systems and lots of brain draining work for the first few months but definitely with career prospect as the supervisors will bring u to meetings and such and that's where all the exposures and learning experience will be.

so what happen is the small firm confirmed me, where as the big firm is still under the ambiguous state cos it's only one day after my interview. so ya...kana caught in the dilemma... reason being that the small company cant wait as the staff that new candidate is replacing is gonna leave in 5 days time... and well guess what? i took a gamble and sort of turned down the small company..and for the next few days i was in a torturous state waiting for the reply...
the reply finally came...well guess u guys should be able to know by now what happen next... i din get the job *sigh~* *sigh~*
although i felt sad and such... but to tell the truth, i din really regret the fact that i din take up the confirmation as i already made up my mind what i wanted..

Good thing is during that waiting period i kept on sending out resumes and yes i finally got another confirmation within 1week plus.. and it's something i wanted to do.. :) i guess i'm really lucky in some ways..depend how u see it haha..~
from next monday onwards i will be working as a data management staff in a small online magazine company where i will be extracting out needed information to assist the sales team to better target the customers in terms of promotions and events.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy vday~~~

konbanwa minasan~~~~!!! wahahaha... it's tat time of the year again... and yesy...lastest update of my job hunting... is very depressing..hohooho so u will see me blogging more often... whahaha

anyway.... yesterday went out with miss yan ling for some cny shopping... but dont noe y recently feel tat nothing caught my eyes... so i just bought me self a pair of working pants for the sake of wearing them if i get any job offer... (currently i only have one decent pair of pants...the rest just doesnt look flattering on me....yes i am fat i will slim down... i hope! ) and as for our dear dear yan :P she din buy anything haha cos after trying out a baby doll dress which made her looked pregnant...she finally decided not to get anything till the very day she slim down.... *claps...claps* which i think she can save of quite alot heh.... cos she well known for her 手有洞( holes between the finger = meaning like to anyhow spend)..
oh ya.... back to the vday topic... heh... yesterday while we went for shopping we saw a google earth book..and found something pretty interesting... it's called the heart forest...

I decided to dedicate it to all u love birds and friends out there... Happy Vday~,-94.748781&spn=0.00218,0.003659&t=h
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what type of clow card are u


THE SNOW.You are a very thoughtful person. You like to think about happy things and you have concern for others.
Take this quiz!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

a battle to be remembered

today was just an ordinary day....or so i thought...~

But nooooo~~ (russell peters style)

so here i was...came home feeling tired and shitty, went to bath after putting bag on the chair(in study room)...
when i came back from bathing and attempted to sit on my chair..
ARRRRRR~~~~ "Xiao Qiang" flew from the chair on to the window....

IT FLEW....~!!!!!!! F.L.E.W

Ohhhh....My....GOD~~~!!! I hate insect that can fly... cant even stand butterfly if they fly close enough to me..

so in this case most people or cool looking people type of people will ..erm... u know... take slipper ar bygon ar.. newspaper..aiya watever lar..and attempted to kill "Xiao Qiang"
instead, i squeaked/screamed for my mom to come and save the day...
yes yes i noe... i just spoiled my image again.. (can almost hear u guys laughing "ha ha. zy squeak when she sees a "xiao qiang")

so i was.. screaming for my mom... and she came in.. shot the xiao qiang one glance.. and took bygon...It was a firece battle.. both my mom and xiao qiang show off their skills and tactics to fight each other off..

xiao qiang flew up near the corner of the window after sensing the "sha qi" from my mom's glance..
my mom took out the bygon and jumped on to the chair..
xiao qiang made a fake move and tried the runaway..
my mom got abit started? by xiao qiang action..(side note: my mom dare not contact xiao qiang bare handed)
but quickly regain herself.. and started spraying at xiao qiang...
xiao qiang was hit~~ its vision got blurry as the deadly posion spread..
xiao qiang tried to run off to another corner, but the action was met with futility as it became an easy target of my mom.
After spraying furiously at it.. xiao qiang finally lost its balance and fell on to the table....
Victory was close..
my mom got excited and decided to spray another few times... (ignoring the fact tat my laptop was there... =.=") as we see xiao qiang struggling in agony till the veri end...
At last my mom finally tasted to sweetness of victory as she covered xiao qiang's body with a long piece of white toilet paper(still afraid of dead xiao qiang)...and finished it off with a grand water burial down the toilet..

Indeed it was a firece battle... xiao qiang fought well..but my mom was gained the upper hand..and once again my mom saved the day...
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