Saturday, September 02, 2006


hohohoho~ recently I have became NANA fan :D
it's one of my latest anime which i discovered...
got to say it'also one of the few animes which i actually got so excited abt it and ended up reading the comic cos i couldnt wait for it... yes it's tat good... but just a short disclaimer.. you might find the anime a little irritating as they have quite a few recaps episodes going on in just 20animes... super filler if u ask me.. oh well... but it's still worth watching.. filler will be 6 and half of episode7.. so it's best that you download 7 if you feel like watching NANA...and here's the sypnosis and the opening song.. (my fav..)


Two girls. The same age. The same name. Yet they couldn't be more different. Komatsu Naka is a naive serial dater who always hooks up with the wrong guys, Osaki Nana is a bitter rockette with a violent temper and a lonely past. They both move from their small-town homes to Tokyo, chasing their dreams of love, music, and self-discovery. Their fateful encounter changes their lives in ways they never imagined possible... to the point where life becomes unlivable without the other one there.

NANA anime OP w/ Subs

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