Saturday, September 02, 2006

melbourne trip

it's a rather late post.. but hahaha... i went to melbourne~ yey~!!!
finally get to meet up with my family... heh cos it's my bro's graduation on 24/8..
good on you bro... heard that he's planning to take honour if his application can get through... so there i was.. skipped one lecture and flew to melbourne in the middle of the school sem~ wahaha aint tat great? maybe alot pple been doing tat but it's certainly the first time for moi(me)~ lalalalala~ happy~!!
It's pretty fun, but rather rush at the same time lar.. din get much chance to go see see look look even though i had abt 3days there..weird.. i wonder wat was i doing most of the time?!

10-12pm: jap class(brisbane)
7.50pm-10.15pm: weee~ (too excited... airsickness kicked in) ... *censored*
10.30pm: get out of airport, bro pick me up.. drove back to hotel
12am: go makan $7++ porridge~ nothing great... day ended

walk walk in the city (parents just couldnt get enough of those souviner)
4-5pm: head back hotel, get ready for the ceremony
6pm: reach melbourne uni..
<- bro get dressed..
9pm: done~! ready to go~! my god so long...
9-9.30pm: attempted to wear my bro's graduation clothes (failed)
<- at least i manage to get to take pic with the cert bleah
went to the book shop to get a mel uni t-shirt.. plan to wear it to my sch.. just to see pple's reaction
11pm: reach home with pizza... i must say.. pizza in aust.. is definately better than singapore's pizza sia...

sightseeing and more sightseeing
heaps of trees and more trees.. zzz~
mocha, pizza.. anyone?
suppose to go skiing but.. heard that there wasnt much snow left (-_-")so din go in the end

COOK~! arrr
cook pasta(sour cream) for parents and bro to eat..
go to shopping after we ate.. which is not much time left to shop
at the end of the say... din even get to finish walking the entire shopping center
abit sad on that case...

fly back to brisbane

ARRRR... my holidays just gone like tat.... arrrr~~!!!

oh well... something useful abt this post.. is tat i realise the best timing will be during the winter around mid aug.. unless u guys wish to go swim then summer will be good.. cos scenery will be the same in most places, cool weather cos it's approaching spring, get to skii when u come to mel..

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