Thursday, April 20, 2006

housemate no.5

Name: Victor

Chinese Name: Ding Yao (not confirm)

Age: 24

Height: 175-180cm (nice height)

Weight: dont know

Body Build: similiar to mine(without the boobs) or slightly thiner..

Looks: ABC looking + baby face

Hair colour: golden blond (to siew: is that the hair colour u like?)

Family background: not bad (luving family..)

Character: Friendly, easy going and approachable

Fav shows: chinese sword fighting drama... (alittle mismatch with his looks)

Fav phrase when comes to food : 随便啦~

Stock market: blue but close to red chip

Appeal to: both sexes as long as u are not looking for a manly or musculin guy

ok~! there u go.. finally got hold of my new housemate's photo, symmetric and some personal data to those hardcore out there dying to know who is my new housemate.. how i manage to get the photos? cos my bro was sort of wondering how he looked like and coincidentally he was outside my room fixing the phone wire.. so took the chance to ask him whether if i can take a pic of him to show my family lar... he was pretty ok with it... nice chap..

and if u are wondering if there's any hope for u OR ME... the ans is nope... cos he's attached wahahaha.... let's just say tat the phrase(chinese translate to eng) "好男人不是结婚(or attached),就是 gay..." has been tested and proven...

we are left with the defects.. no wonder there's alot of gals moving towards being a les.. male readers pls buck up...

P.S: the word "defects" is more towards personality... if u guys become more gentleman.. and noe how to socialise with gals, i think pretty soon u will be red chip too.. THERE'S STILL HOPE~!

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