Friday, April 14, 2006


harlo~ pple happy easter to ya all :D
had been busy for the past 1week or so.. sigh... wasn't really happy with my mid term test.. hopefully i dont fail one of my test sia, 40% paper for 1.5hr test... cant really imagine >.< ..and my time management just suck to the max :( but oh well... currently having mid term break... and there's got lots of stuff to catch up..
To Do List:
prepare for the presentation (due Week 8)

write my case study 20% (due Week 8)

get my grp to start looking at the projects which we havent touched AT ALL (due on either Week 11-13)

note: the sch reopen week is Week 8

but nevertheless i think there's still time for me to slack abit lar..~ it's not that bad... oh oh ... hehe i bought this really cute hand made easter egg for myself :D kinda hopping to get some festive spirit up~

haha and i am starting to find some of the aussie really cute/funny... cos i was on my way home yesterday and i actually saw some bus drivers wore labbit ears..haha (pls note it's not compulsory, cos not all of them wore it..) but too bad.. i dont have camera phone if not i would have taken the pic ^^

Thought of the day: hmm..i wonder how do those aussie celebrate their easter ?

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