Thursday, January 12, 2006

it's raining again

my gosh.... i'm really bored... been raining everyday for the past one week...
well though the weather is rather nice to sleep..but it would be better if it rain at this really bad feeling tat during CNY it's gonna be super hot and humid... >.<
oh ya...look at the photo..just wrap it today... see~?!
how bored i am... wrapping a jap dictionary...

to those of u whom had the chance to eat ROYCE chocolate..does it look familiar?
hahahaha yesh~~~!!! it's the wrapper... ~~~!!

i was so fascinated by their packaging when I opened it up.... sometimes i really wonder if the packaging cost more than the product itself.. no wonder so expensive...

hahahaha but wat the hack.. i'm making full use of it anyways... ;)
jap packaging is just SUPERB *thumbs up*
maybe i should just go into this line.. give them a lousy product with a superb packaging..and charge them like siao...
but royce is really nice to eat.. so ya.. not being cheated in any ways

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