Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shall We Dance?

just awhile ago my bro came back from his "pig fri.. dog ...end" outing...
and there he was wondering y i was listening to some tango music.. (it was from "Shall We Dance OST")...

Bro: eh since u like these type of songs u should go and learn dancing mah... recently alot of gals learning leh...

Me: ? dont want hahaha i want to learn it when i'm old

Bro: ??
Bro: y?! most pple prefer to learn it when they are younger...

Me: oh.. cos i wanna learn it with my husband hahahahaha~

Bro: aiya then should learn when now.. next time can impress ur bf or there's lots of cases where the partner became bf/gf...

Me: oh~ then u should go mah... then maybe u will get ur gf there...hahaha

Bro: huh?! dont want lar.. i dont mind going but i dont want to go alone... abit pai sei

Me: hmm... hahahaha ask mom to go with u lor... LOL~~!!!

Bro: o_O"
(after recovered from shock)
Bro:huh dont want lar... so weird...

Bro: or else go for pole dance also good hahaha~ heard tat alot of pple learning.. saw this article where there's this journalist went to interview those who attented the class... lots of them are yappies.. and some of them are aunties (30s+++ to 40s)...

Bro: and one of the aunties' say tat she join it because she wanna spice up her life and to give their husbands a surprise..haha

Me: hahaha how to give surprise??? hahaha no pole in the house leh... hahahaha~

Bro: oh maybe get someone to fix a stick in the room or wat hahaha..then the husband will kana shock

Me: hahahaha no lar so expensive...hahahaha ... maybe can take bamboo stick then put it in the bedroom then she can dance ard it....ah hahahaha~~!!!!
Me: but i think the husband will say this when he saw the bamboo stick: " how come u started drying the clothes in the room??? u will wet the floor~~!!!"

Me: hahahaha i think will be a surprise as wel.... though it's abit different

Bro: hahahahaha..

Bro: aiya... or lap dance? lap dance also veri popular...haha~

Me: wat's tat...

Bro: hmm..not veri sure...

Me: dance on pple's lap...? i think it's veri painful for the guys haha.. esp if she was wearing high heels...hahahahaha!!!

Bro: hahahaha~~~ noooooo.... tat's not wat i meant... wat i think is maybe the guy is sitting down and the gal dance ard or something...

Bro: hmm~ lap dance is good...

Me: o.. is there's classes for guys?
Me: u go learn lar..hahahahaaha

Bro: oo...~ i think dont have hahaha.... i think if have then the guy will be sitting down most of the time hahahaha...~
Bro: hahahaha i cant imagine a guy dancing lap dancing lap dance to the wife hahahahahaha~~~~~~~!!!!! the wife sure kana shocked.. or thinking tat the husband is trying to funny...hahaha~

Me: ROFL~~~!!!

So anyone interested in pole dancing or lap dancing hahaha~??

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