Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Phatom of the Opera Muscial


Serious man~! after 10years of waiting... it's all worth it~!
Everything is just GREAT.... From Acting, Singing all the way to to the details they put in for props.. the amount of mula i spent... well.. let's just say the only regret is to let Ek nee (spelling?)bought the tickets... cos he die die also dont want to spilt up the group... resulting us sitting all the way behind..considering the fact that we bought it ard 1weeks after the ticket sales starts... this just sucks..~ y did i ever think of going with them.... *peer at LB* well not her fault... just that we din noe it's going to such a big grp since we intend to go for the expensive tickets...

got Kevin to help me take the photo... 3Q~!!

Me and LB bought ourselves a Phatom of the Opera necklaces... guess it's the only thing i would wear...cos not too showy since it's small... :)

All in all... i'm just plain thrilled abt this whole show... am really consider to see if i can afford another round of the show before they leave Singapore... But thinking back of a quote once said in a movie ("好吃的东西,吃一次就够了…") i think i should give it a pass...and wait for them to come back next time... :)
Who knows..maybe another 10yrs down the road when they decided to come back again.. i will be getting a whole new experience from the show... ;)
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

job job job~~~

hello~~ hohoho been one month since i last blogged? probably ard there... oh well...been looking for jobs high and low...and made some silly mistake along the way... *sigh* guess u can call me stupid or risk taker if you want to..
just awhile back i went for 2 interviews

one company is a small firm and the job scoop is maintain networking with current client and as well as recruiting new students to study the courses the company provide.. mainly targeting working adults at the current moment.

the other company... big mnc working as a price analyst.. deal with systems and lots of brain draining work for the first few months but definitely with career prospect as the supervisors will bring u to meetings and such and that's where all the exposures and learning experience will be.

so what happen is the small firm confirmed me, where as the big firm is still under the ambiguous state cos it's only one day after my interview. so ya...kana caught in the dilemma... reason being that the small company cant wait as the staff that new candidate is replacing is gonna leave in 5 days time... and well guess what? i took a gamble and sort of turned down the small company..and for the next few days i was in a torturous state waiting for the reply...
the reply finally came...well guess u guys should be able to know by now what happen next... i din get the job *sigh~* *sigh~*
although i felt sad and such... but to tell the truth, i din really regret the fact that i din take up the confirmation as i already made up my mind what i wanted..

Good thing is during that waiting period i kept on sending out resumes and yes i finally got another confirmation within 1week plus.. and it's something i wanted to do.. :) i guess i'm really lucky in some ways..depend how u see it haha..~
from next monday onwards i will be working as a data management staff in a small online magazine company where i will be extracting out needed information to assist the sales team to better target the customers in terms of promotions and events.
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