Saturday, December 06, 2008

Life after retrench

lalala it's been 2weeks since my last day of work.
I have been slacking quite abit enjoying my time off and took up photoshop course on this week. Talking about photoshop it's really fun~ glad i took the course (though it's quite expensive). I learn most of the basic tools like drawing tools and touch up tools.. kekeke.. here are some of my work :D
*click the photo to see the bigger image*

superman on stuart little poster

self created birdy
Hmm not really fantastic but am happy with the results. :D
oh oh i also have been sending out resumes to companies etc.. but not much of the interviews. So far I have 3 interviews, only one I thought I might have the chance.
Sigh.. I really hope that I can get into that one, it's a MNC but most importantly I really like the job scope. I get to do market research and CRM which is something I really looking forward to learn. Hope that I really get this job.. pray pray..
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Month of Oct 08

Zy here..
your one and only source to the scandalous work life of Zy aka :p

Shocking Gossip #1
I was on my way to work and I happen to stand beside a what i thought a les couple. Being my kpo self i couldn't help myself but to keep looking at them as they were relatively "PDA", as i saw a lady's hand keep caressing the person's back. Despite several attempts i was still unable to see the owner of the lady's hand as she was being block by her partner.

But god has his own way of doing things...
I don't know if I'm blessed or cursed to see that mind stabbing image but I did get my "prayer" answered...

Just as the lady sensually pulls her partner's hair back, we reached City Hall MRT station. And to my surprise / horror, I caught a glimpse of that lady as the crowd disperse and it was none other than My Colleague!!
I was so shocked that I quickly sneaked my way to the other side of the train pretend that I did not see her.

Shocking Gossip #2
This came really sudden. One of the our colleagues got immediate termination from the company. No goodbyes, no nothing... just gone... and it's seems that he didn't even had the chance to pack his desk. From what I have gathered, never in the history of this company has anyone been fired before, let alone the "fact" that we always thought that the colleague was quite popular among the bosses and supervisors.
The truth was soon out. That colleague was being fired because he stole the company's idea and set up a almost 100% replica of the company's website in Thai language. It's no wonder he has always been working late in the office even on days that there's nothing for the developers to do. I guess being a developer really gives you the access to every information, and sometimes it can be rather tempting to steal them since the information is just a click away.

Shocking Gossip #3
We heard that our boss is getting a divorce. How do I know that?
Well, thanks to the great creator of Facebook we manage to find that out .
It all started out as an innocent chatting session between me and my friend (ex colleague of the company), and she suddenly asked me about the boss's marriage status. She further explain to me that she actually added the boss as her friend in Facebook.
And she has been sort keep a look out on the boss's Facebook due to his change of nick status that sparked all this up. About couple of months back, his nick was some thing along this line -> "am i doing the right thing?.... Am i making the mistake??" shortly after he changed his profile to single and he shifted most of the photos that has his wife in it to a new folder "past memories".
So we did a little observation on him and true enough his ring was gone, though he still got his family photo on his desk but he rarely use his desk to do work. he would move his laptop to a couch area. And the most noticeable thing is that, he looked really tired and it feels as if he aged quite abit...
Sigh... well I wouldn't say that he and his wife are the best couple but i guess he still likes his wife. probably they just grew apart from each other..

Shocking News #4
I have been retrenched~!!!!
Wasn't really expecting that to happen, as just a few weeks back they were sort of promising us that they most likely wouldn't retrench anyone as long as we pull ourselves together.
BUT apparently it's not happening..! They explain that they are moving their operation support to overseas and that one of the boss(refer to gossip #3) will be going there to manage the operation there (the marriage thing that we have suspected must have affected him REALLY ALOT!!!).
So me along with 11 others was being retrenched.
Sigh.... although I wanted to quit this job but i wasn't really expecting this to come. well at least not when I still haven't got a job.
Side note there was no compensation given to us just one month notice. But seriously there's nothing much you can do!! it's a lose lose situation no matter how you see it.

Two options
  • you sign agreement that you willing to leave and not get any compensation and they do their best to let us go for interview
  • They overload you with work and fire you if you didn't do well
Ok .. the second option is what i think it would happen if we didn't sign, but this scenario is highly possible right?
Ah well~ I guess if we put ourselves into their shoes, moving the operation would be a good business strategy.

That's all on for the updates

I know you love me
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Personlity test - Spontaneous Idealist

Spontaneous Idealist (SI)
Spontaneous Idealists are creative, lively and open-minded persons. They are humorous and dispose of a contagious zest for life. Their enthusiasm and sparkling energy inspires others and sweeps them along. They enjoy being together with other people and often have an uncanny intuition for their motivations and potential. Spontaneous Idealists are masters of communication and very amusing and gifted entertainers. Fun and variety are guaranteed when they are around. However, they are sometimes somewhat too impulsive in dealing with others and can hurt people without really meaning to do so, due to their direct and sometimes critical nature.Spontaneous Idealist

This personality type is a keen and alert observer; they miss nothing which is going on around them. In extreme cases, they tend to be oversensitive and exaggeratedly alert and are inwardly always ready to jump. Life for them is an exciting drama full of emotionality. However, they quickly become bored when things repeat themselves and too much detailed work and care is required. Their creativity, their imaginativeness and their originality become most noticeable when developing new projects and ideas - they then leave the meticulous implementation of the whole to others. On the whole, Spontaneous Idealists attach great value to their inner and outward independence and do not like accepting a subordinate role. They therefore have problems with hierarchies and authorities.

If you have a Spontaneous Idealist as your friend, you will never be bored; with them, you can enjoy life to the full and celebrate the best parties. At the same time, they are warm, sensitive, attentive and always willing to help. If Spontaneous Idealists have just fallen in love, the sky is full of violins and their new partners are showered with attention and affection. This type then bubbles over with charm, tenderness and imagination. But, unfortunately, it soon becomes boring for them once the novelty has worn off. Boring everyday life in a partnership is not for them so that many Spontaneous Idealists slip from one affair into another. However, should the partner manage to keep their curiosity alive and not let routine and familiarity gain the upper hand, Spontaneous Idealists can be inspiring and loving partners.

click here to take the test ;)
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

beauty time - mask

yes.. it's hard to believe... even to myself.. lol i actually bought a mask for myself.. :p probably under the influence of miss LB and her theory that woman after 24 will start to age alot faster.. hence i bought my first collagen mask to give it a try as a treat..
what made me actually bought this $6.90 mask? well i guess mostly due to the fact that it's a collagen mask (sort of remembered that lb kept on talking how collagen is good for our skin etc...)and i simply like their packaging.. not too sure how much a mask like that would usually cost (too lazy to do a price comparison).. but i think overall i can feel that my skin got smoother after it..hohoho so fun...~ and i actually used the left over collegan water to wipe my hands and legs cos i felt it was such a waste to throw them away. :p
i guess like what the store lady advised, i probably wouldn't use it often since i have oily face.
btw.. i'm curious, the instruction said something along the line about following the full skin care procedure after removing the mask.. what is that?
all i did was to just was my face with soap... :S hopefully my $6.90 dont go to waste because of that..
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Your result for The What type of MAN turns you on Test...

Tough guy

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

work life

It takes 2 hands to clap
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Found something shocking on jobs website

As u guys know tat i'm currently looking for job...
the scary part is my boss ask me to give him my job description by end of today... which i did...
And NOW... shortly after i saw this ->

OMG... and the stated location is my working area~~~~!!!!!


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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

job hunting

Ok~ blogging this in office...
sigh~ got called from one of my interviewer media data thingy... sad to say they refuse my application because i asked for a higher pay and the proposal didnt went through. was asking for 2650 cos they offer 2500 with 13 mth bonus already included in it and there's no variable...if you calculate, the base salary is abt $2300 for a graduate with one yr plus experience.. it's definitely below market price or at least thati thought so... but i must say their job scoop was pretty good... was hopping they could renegociate with me i wouldnt mind going abit lower.. but all they did is say.. "sorry i got back from the management, the proposal din went through...sorry abt that.." *close phone*
i guess they might have found someone willing to take up that offer... wat made me kinda sad is that they din bother to counter offer me.. :(
it's just my luck.... life always dont go as planned.. it was a good job... but the pay sucks... T_T

Maybe shouldn't draw a good job image... should write more.. good job~ good pay~ good prospect~ good location~~~ :D

oh where oh where did my dream job goes~~ oh where the hell could it be~??? *singing in grief*

while i'm having prob looking for dream job. a friend of mine got one...good pay good prospect, good job..and she's feeling apprehensive. well i might if i was her i guess..cos she will have to report to CEO etc... her job is corporate communication.. something along that line.. and according to general knowledge of big org work environment there will be alot of politics.
her current work.. other than low pay.. the rest is pretty decent for her.. *sigh..~*
but i have faith in her.. ~ ;)

now... i'm left with uob to get back to me...
meanwhile time to start looking again :|
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogger's block

Yes~ i suffered from blogger's block for the past months waahahhaha.. it's just another way of saying i'm lazy~~ :P

so wat's up with me for the past few weeks...

13 Jun 08:

there are things out there you really have to believe... especially FRIDAY THE 13th
shittiest day ever!!! and once u get bad luck it just get worse and worse, like a giant snow ball rolling down a mountain... waiting to crash you~ ahhh~ never see myself so sueh..

First i lost my coin pouch that i had it for years... well i had this student card that i liked it alot, something sentimental...
It's almost like the scene where Carrie Bradshaw lost her fav necklace when i realise my coin pouch was gone. Just that the scene where she finally found her necklace never happen in my case...

Second my mom called me during the evening time to tell me that she couldn't find my Uni graduation certificate. *lighting flash*
shit happens but this shit is WAY TOO BIG FOR ME~~!!!
(And no i couldn't find it after 2-3 days of seaching after i got home that day)

Third, was out eating and my sandal broke at 9plus 10pm in PS...
how bad can it get? most of the shops are closed so ended up getting something i dont really like...cos those that i like no size and those i dont have...

Lastly, when i reached home tat day I FOUND A BLASTER in between my thigh area~~~
AHHHHH~~~~ and couldn't walk properly for the next few days to prevent the pain...

it's really DA BIAN~~~~ and the bad luck snow balled for the next few days after 13 jun... sianz but at least not that horrible like the ones i got on that day itself

ok life wasn't all so bad...after those few horrible days
People finally start calling me for interview although some of them dont suit me..sales job...
but there's 2 interview tomorrow which i really looking forward to.. hopefully i have already used up all my bad luck for the year... and nothing will go wrong tomorrow... side note.. they are kinda back to back interview one at 10am, one at 12 pm :S and one of them i need to look really presentable :s (no make up no nothing dont noe cannot anot..)

Pray, pray, pray...~ hope i will be able to make to both with out being late and most of all the interviewers LOVES ME~~~~ and want me to join their company~~~~
kk.. must do background research tonight... wish me all the BEST~~ pple
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BeWare the Next Upcoming RULER IS HERE~~!

You are a Mastermind!
(Submissive Introverted Abstract Thinker)

You are a MASTERMIND (SIAT). You can be silent and withdrawn, but behind your reserved exterior lies an active mind that allows you to analyze situations and come up with creative, unexpected solutions. Normal people call this scheming. <----- i'm such a sweet and innocent person... that statement is so not true~~

Anyway, your sense of style and originality are your strengths, and people will respect your judgment once they get to know you. If you learn to be a little more personable, you could be a great leader— you've definitely got the vision thing down. Just make sure all the plotting you do behind those eyes of yours is healthy.

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