Saturday, April 01, 2006


yes yes ~ it's me venting again~~ well wat's blog for? isnt it all abt expressing urself?

anyway.. was damn pissed off yesterday cos despite the fact that i took effort to go to sch on my free day + kana drenched in the rain cos my housemate borrowed my umbrella to sch...
NOBODY FREAKING TURNED UP for the meeting... except for one gal.. can u imagine 2pple (including me) out of 5pple turned up.. WT# wat kind of grp meeting is tat? how are we suppose to make any decision?! you guys must be thinking.. "oh.. most prob the meeting time was set eons ago so they din remember.." ya right~! it was set on THIS thursday 6-7pm that we were going to meet up on THIS friday 2pm... well if u call less than 24hrs ages ago... then i have nothing to say liao..

and u noe wat's the worst part? those that MIA only one actually bothered to call and text us... the rest of them din even bothered to email saying that they are not coming...~! This is just a total waste of me and the other gal's time sia.. waited in the lab for like 1.5hr before i finally gave up.. and i told the other gal to leave.. cos there's no point waiting..
Took me some time to throw them a civilise email:

Hi all~
I thought we have agreed on havinge a meeting today at 2pm..
but nobody turn up except phoebe and me... (maybe not everyone has gotten the message..?)
I'm not too sure when can i make it for the meeting again as i will be having mid term test on monday
hopefully we can settle a time where everyone can make it..

hopefully we can set a rule int the futurem, whereby if anyone couldn't make it for the meeting, it would be their responsibility for them to either send an email or like what jo did... call / text everyone in the group.


Interpretation of my email:
i tot we bloody hell have meeting at 2pm?! how come nobody turn up except for phoebe?
I'm giving u guys a benefit of doubt those that MIA without notice din get the message (the benefit of doubt just to give u guy some place to "下台" lor?! cos i bloody hell saw u guys agree upon it and double confirmed the timing with Jo)
i'm not going to care liao... u guys settle the time... chance of me coming for the decision making tat's due on tue 10am is damn low cos i bo chup + have test on monday..

P.S if u guys wanna MIA at least email or text... tat's a basic respect to the rest of the members that are turning up

The other reason y i'm so pissed off is that out of the 5 pple only two person giving out ideas and such.. which is me and the other who cant come...(the truth is... I'm the brain and the other gal is the mouth.. cos i dont have the flare in explaining stuff to pple) *faintz* and because most of them din noe what was going on... we "burnt" our fri to sun (when i say burnt i really mean burnt... the latest timing i reached home from sch was 1++AM) just to get the structure + writing a draft report...

and i was bloody hopping that the rest could come for yesterday so that we can at least setting some grp probs... cos i sense tat there are some of pple not veri happy abt me and the other gal dominating the grp.. but that guy himself have no idea how to do this project...~~!!!
it really pisses me off when someone dying to fight to do more work but they have freaking no idea how to do it... and give me rubbish or come up to us the last min asking hell lot of questions... how am i suppose to help him understand this whole subject and delegate work if he doesnt turn up?!?!?!?!

you noe what? i think i should just leave myself out of the decision making for this week..

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