Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Fairies World Poem

My fairies float on breezes warm,
in pastel shades they are adorned.
Ribbons, bows and castles too,
my fairies bring here just for you.

So come with me, and enter in
my fairy world - now let's begin.
Tread gently on the fairies flowers,
spend time with them in leafy bowers.

Feel the touch as their gossamer wings
brush your hand, what joy this brings.
Catch hold, the trailing ribbons high,
may be, you too will fly.

See bubbles blown to catch the light,
don't make a sound, less they take flight.
Enter then their castle home,
there's blue and pink, where you may roam.

Drift with them among the spires.
In my fairyland, no one tires.
Watch them paint the butterflies,
but, careful do not blink your eyes.

Sometimes with butterflies they come
to earth, to see what must be done.
Landing in your fairy dell,
but that's a secret, do not tell.

Only the elves, with whom they play
know they are there at the end of day.
They dance together in summer glades,
all this you can see as daylight fades.

You will know when they've been there,
pearls of dewdrops fill the air.
So welcome to my fairies world:
Let imagination be unfurled.

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