Thursday, January 06, 2005


it's been a long time since i feel guilty abt not doing homework (-_-") and come to think of it i still owe my sensei(teacher) homeworkS since last yr lol...

and monday... last sunday i actually had sleepless night (or was it my super hard bed made me unable to sleep) Can u imagine? me?! someone can sleep like a pig on important dates like PSLE and O'level without any prob... actually have insomnia?!?!?! stress~~~~ maybe i'm starting have a sense of responsibility over learning jap cos i wasted quite alot of $$ on it? or was it something else??

ah well no time to think of something like this... better go do my homework now... >.<~

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~ w i n t e r ~ said...

talk about not doing homework.
class starts tomoro. i have 2 homeworks to hand in and i have an assignment deadlined tomoro noon!
and i havnt done a thing. my brain isn't working.
god bless me... i need a miracle...