Friday, December 30, 2005

King Kong

The show is great... actor from pianist, and the king kong is actor that acted as golom in Lord of the ring...
man.. you guys got to see it... especially the climax

It the scene where the King kong finally lost its remaining strenght and felt down from the building after being shot by the airplane several times...
at that moment the moive was in silent mode.. just the image of the king kong felt down from the building in slow motion.. and the gal in tears (picture it in ur mind..)

a kid voice: oh the king kong is falling down the building (in chinese)
auntie voice: ya... cham ah later the king kong will crush alot pple below...(in chinese)

AUNTIE~~~!!!!! THX HOR~~~~!!!!!!!
my god who the hell cares abt the kpo pple watching king kong kana shoot?!?!?!?!?!
arrrrggghhh~~~ tat's besides the point~! it's king kong... the poor king kong kana shoot cos everyone thinks he is dangerous... cant u show some compassion to the king kong...hopefully the kid wasnt thinking the same as the auntie...
thx u auntie u just spoiled the climax for me....
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Script cast


 18 years old
 Notorious student with a bad attitude
 Lonesome guy
 In love with Aiko

Fortune teller (no name)
 Features of a 18-20 year old female
 Mysterious / Shadowy
 Someone with extraordinary powers
 Fortune telling, appears to be specialized in tarot card reading

Features of a 17 years old female
Interested in Tarot card reading

 18years old
 Petite and sweet
 Himawari's classmates

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script writting is fun

hahaha... was helping out Ally a couple of days ago with her script writing... nvr tot tat it could be so much fun.. especially when we were discussing the plot, all sorts of rubbish just came out of my mind :P
the irritating part is she ended up going to bed after making all excited abt writing the script : ... and ya.. i slept at 5.45AM becos of THIS GAL~~!! ARRRR MY BEAUTY SLEEP ALL GONE~~!!!!

but in the end she came out with her own story which i think it's quite gd :)
anyway gonna spend some time sorting out the script that we have came out.. haha
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