Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy vday~~~

konbanwa minasan~~~~!!! wahahaha... it's tat time of the year again... and yesy...lastest update of my job hunting... is very depressing..hohooho so u will see me blogging more often... whahaha

anyway.... yesterday went out with miss yan ling for some cny shopping... but dont noe y recently feel tat nothing caught my eyes... so i just bought me self a pair of working pants for the sake of wearing them if i get any job offer... (currently i only have one decent pair of pants...the rest just doesnt look flattering on me....yes i am fat i will slim down... i hope! ) and as for our dear dear yan :P she din buy anything haha cos after trying out a baby doll dress which made her looked pregnant...she finally decided not to get anything till the very day she slim down.... *claps...claps* which i think she can save of quite alot heh.... cos she well known for her 手有洞( holes between the finger = meaning like to anyhow spend)..
oh ya.... back to the vday topic... heh... yesterday while we went for shopping we saw a google earth book..and found something pretty interesting... it's called the heart forest...

I decided to dedicate it to all u love birds and friends out there... Happy Vday~,-94.748781&spn=0.00218,0.003659&t=h

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