Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boss pulling stunt

when's the last time since u got stunned by somebody..
not sure about u guys.. it certainly doesnt happen tat often on my side..
well.. i've met my match... my Boss...

It was almost 6pm..and i was starting to pack bits of my stuff

Boss:hey..zhiying... just in case u get bored....we have decided to add more things for u to do

Me: noo~~ i'm busy.. i'm occupied

Boss: no problem. you can handle it. :P

Boss: we want u to be happy ... u should take the job (another old collegue joined in the fun and agreed with him)

Boss: u need variety... ~so tat ur life wont be so boring
Me: But... but... i'm happily occupied~~~

guess... you just can never underestimating ur bosses.. :S

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