Monday, June 04, 2007

Rest day

This week hasn't really been great..but thanks to lb and sy.. i'm feeling much better now hohoho~~!! well wat can i say... it's always great to have jie mei to let u fa xie and go crazy...~

Anyway this two days we went shopping, eat, and watch movie (on sat) hohohoho~
hehe... anyway if u guys are wondering how's Shrek 3 i did say it's one of the few movie tat's actually maintain it's standard despite being a series...
movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Spider man just din really make it to their standard... =.=" quite sad case..

anyway these are some pic we took

Liang san po scene?

"quick~ tilt ur head 45degree.. and... Act Cute" :D

G2000 blu jacket... bought it at a reasonable price... yay~!

felt abit cheated by the aunty who sold me...~ sigh~ bought it at a slightly ex price of $29.90... argh.. more ex than the jacket.. oh well.. pple~~~!! beware of a shop tat sell accessary at Far East lvl 3 which uses the excuse of not lowering the price due to designer request..

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