Tuesday, July 17, 2007

food crave

haha went out to Novena for food~!
heh... it's a rather sudden decision because i wanna eat Tom Yam steamboat... so ya it's the same old groupy (me, sy and lb) so ya lar out to makan...
ask "y no yl?" :p cos noeing her... u must book her like in advance advance then can otherwise she will most likely go nuah (slack) with her Fuzzy (bf nick chose by her)or go church kekeke....~

okok~ like i was saying earlier i want to eat Tom Yam.... so i went to pester lb and sy to come... haha they are so loved by moi ;p
the steamboat that lb suggested closed for holiday
Wah Piang~~~ Novena and Eunos veri far LEH LEh Leh leh...~~ (echo)

hai~ anyway so we end up at this korean family restaurant and had korean bbq over there..
price wise pretty reasonable judging from the equipment they used... but..hmm the bqq food we ordered weren't wat we like.. well to be precise the it's the main dishes aren't that great.. the side dishes were nice though.. :D
well guess we chose the wrong type of food..cos we saw alot of pple who came in ate the normal stone bowl type of food rather than bbq..

hmm... and after that lb went off, left me and sy so we went down to far east to walk walk haha.. not bad... got ourselves a watch.. same one... keke not sure the rest of the 3 gu 6 po gang interested to get the same watch with us :p

anyway here are the photos we took today :D

10 side dishes~ i like the mash potato *drool*~ and oh oh the ikan bilies(spelling?)too... different from those that u ate from the malay store..

the vege gals haha..


the watch we bought... :D not bad right... sy choose one

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