Friday, November 16, 2007

The Question of Life

these few days hasn't been great for me...


well...technically my gum area here i was trying to use tongue to "make" it better...
instead... i can feel that the tooth is getting abit loosen..

☆(.'')('',)☆ says:
OH NO~~!! i need to see a dentist...

Friend says:
y wat happen?

☆(.'')('',)☆ says:
arrrr~ i think i am getting a toothache.. i feel my tooth abit numb.. it's one of those big tooth but not wisdom tooth..

Friend says:
did it feel loose?

☆(.'')('',)☆ says: you noe??

Friend says:
oh i think it will drop then grow new one

☆(.'')('',)☆ says:

yes now comes the The Question of Life..~!
wah lao so old liao will still change teeth meh???

nvr in my life heard of pple changing their teeth after they reach teens..
not too sure if i've loose every single milk in my mouth... but this is far too exciting for me... maybe my metabolism is still in it's puberty stage... (is tat y i get excited over anime??)wat if it decides to drop now and forgot abt grow back??!?!
*going making appointment tml*

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