Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Phatom of the Opera Muscial


Serious man~! after 10years of waiting... it's all worth it~!
Everything is just GREAT.... From Acting, Singing all the way to to the details they put in for props.. the amount of mula i spent... well.. let's just say the only regret is to let Ek nee (spelling?)bought the tickets... cos he die die also dont want to spilt up the group... resulting us sitting all the way behind..considering the fact that we bought it ard 1weeks after the ticket sales starts... this just sucks..~ y did i ever think of going with them.... *peer at LB* well not her fault... just that we din noe it's going to such a big grp since we intend to go for the expensive tickets...

got Kevin to help me take the photo... 3Q~!!

Me and LB bought ourselves a Phatom of the Opera necklaces... guess it's the only thing i would wear...cos not too showy since it's small... :)

All in all... i'm just plain thrilled abt this whole show... am really consider to see if i can afford another round of the show before they leave Singapore... But thinking back of a quote once said in a movie ("好吃的东西,吃一次就够了…") i think i should give it a pass...and wait for them to come back next time... :)
Who knows..maybe another 10yrs down the road when they decided to come back again.. i will be getting a whole new experience from the show... ;)

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