Tuesday, July 24, 2007


hohohoho~ went to watch movie today~ :D
Yesh Yesh~
me and my movie again.. and my latest obsession FOOD
heh anyway... went to watch movie with yan ling and her bf's gang...

it's about a female research psychologist involved in a project to develop a device that will permit therapists to help patients by entering their dreams which later turned into a disaster when the device is stolen from the lab.
Review: not bad not bad... i would say i give it a 3.5 star which is what i consider a "Should Watch" movie..
note: don't expect to understand when u start watching.. the story plot will reveal the background story etc... as it goes along..all you need is an open mind..~

now the food part:
the 3 in one photo is taken by miss yan ling :p nice ya~ like how the photo comes out.. can even use it as a border...:D
Food: Swiss Roll
From: Made with Love (Plaza Singapura)
Value: a price tat fits its looks... taste normal.. can be improved ;)

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