Friday, January 19, 2007

a battle to be remembered

today was just an ordinary day....or so i thought...~

But nooooo~~ (russell peters style)

so here i was...came home feeling tired and shitty, went to bath after putting bag on the chair(in study room)...
when i came back from bathing and attempted to sit on my chair..
ARRRRRR~~~~ "Xiao Qiang" flew from the chair on to the window....

IT FLEW....~!!!!!!! F.L.E.W

Ohhhh....My....GOD~~~!!! I hate insect that can fly... cant even stand butterfly if they fly close enough to me..

so in this case most people or cool looking people type of people will ..erm... u know... take slipper ar bygon ar.. newspaper..aiya watever lar..and attempted to kill "Xiao Qiang"
instead, i squeaked/screamed for my mom to come and save the day...
yes yes i noe... i just spoiled my image again.. (can almost hear u guys laughing "ha ha. zy squeak when she sees a "xiao qiang")

so i was.. screaming for my mom... and she came in.. shot the xiao qiang one glance.. and took bygon...It was a firece battle.. both my mom and xiao qiang show off their skills and tactics to fight each other off..

xiao qiang flew up near the corner of the window after sensing the "sha qi" from my mom's glance..
my mom took out the bygon and jumped on to the chair..
xiao qiang made a fake move and tried the runaway..
my mom got abit started? by xiao qiang action..(side note: my mom dare not contact xiao qiang bare handed)
but quickly regain herself.. and started spraying at xiao qiang...
xiao qiang was hit~~ its vision got blurry as the deadly posion spread..
xiao qiang tried to run off to another corner, but the action was met with futility as it became an easy target of my mom.
After spraying furiously at it.. xiao qiang finally lost its balance and fell on to the table....
Victory was close..
my mom got excited and decided to spray another few times... (ignoring the fact tat my laptop was there... =.=") as we see xiao qiang struggling in agony till the veri end...
At last my mom finally tasted to sweetness of victory as she covered xiao qiang's body with a long piece of white toilet paper(still afraid of dead xiao qiang)...and finished it off with a grand water burial down the toilet..

Indeed it was a firece battle... xiao qiang fought well..but my mom was gained the upper hand..and once again my mom saved the day...

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