Saturday, December 06, 2008

Life after retrench

lalala it's been 2weeks since my last day of work.
I have been slacking quite abit enjoying my time off and took up photoshop course on this week. Talking about photoshop it's really fun~ glad i took the course (though it's quite expensive). I learn most of the basic tools like drawing tools and touch up tools.. kekeke.. here are some of my work :D
*click the photo to see the bigger image*

superman on stuart little poster

self created birdy
Hmm not really fantastic but am happy with the results. :D
oh oh i also have been sending out resumes to companies etc.. but not much of the interviews. So far I have 3 interviews, only one I thought I might have the chance.
Sigh.. I really hope that I can get into that one, it's a MNC but most importantly I really like the job scope. I get to do market research and CRM which is something I really looking forward to learn. Hope that I really get this job.. pray pray..

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