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Month of Oct 08

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Shocking Gossip #1
I was on my way to work and I happen to stand beside a what i thought a les couple. Being my kpo self i couldn't help myself but to keep looking at them as they were relatively "PDA", as i saw a lady's hand keep caressing the person's back. Despite several attempts i was still unable to see the owner of the lady's hand as she was being block by her partner.

But god has his own way of doing things...
I don't know if I'm blessed or cursed to see that mind stabbing image but I did get my "prayer" answered...

Just as the lady sensually pulls her partner's hair back, we reached City Hall MRT station. And to my surprise / horror, I caught a glimpse of that lady as the crowd disperse and it was none other than My Colleague!!
I was so shocked that I quickly sneaked my way to the other side of the train pretend that I did not see her.

Shocking Gossip #2
This came really sudden. One of the our colleagues got immediate termination from the company. No goodbyes, no nothing... just gone... and it's seems that he didn't even had the chance to pack his desk. From what I have gathered, never in the history of this company has anyone been fired before, let alone the "fact" that we always thought that the colleague was quite popular among the bosses and supervisors.
The truth was soon out. That colleague was being fired because he stole the company's idea and set up a almost 100% replica of the company's website in Thai language. It's no wonder he has always been working late in the office even on days that there's nothing for the developers to do. I guess being a developer really gives you the access to every information, and sometimes it can be rather tempting to steal them since the information is just a click away.

Shocking Gossip #3
We heard that our boss is getting a divorce. How do I know that?
Well, thanks to the great creator of Facebook we manage to find that out .
It all started out as an innocent chatting session between me and my friend (ex colleague of the company), and she suddenly asked me about the boss's marriage status. She further explain to me that she actually added the boss as her friend in Facebook.
And she has been sort keep a look out on the boss's Facebook due to his change of nick status that sparked all this up. About couple of months back, his nick was some thing along this line -> "am i doing the right thing?.... Am i making the mistake??" shortly after he changed his profile to single and he shifted most of the photos that has his wife in it to a new folder "past memories".
So we did a little observation on him and true enough his ring was gone, though he still got his family photo on his desk but he rarely use his desk to do work. he would move his laptop to a couch area. And the most noticeable thing is that, he looked really tired and it feels as if he aged quite abit...
Sigh... well I wouldn't say that he and his wife are the best couple but i guess he still likes his wife. probably they just grew apart from each other..

Shocking News #4
I have been retrenched~!!!!
Wasn't really expecting that to happen, as just a few weeks back they were sort of promising us that they most likely wouldn't retrench anyone as long as we pull ourselves together.
BUT apparently it's not happening..! They explain that they are moving their operation support to overseas and that one of the boss(refer to gossip #3) will be going there to manage the operation there (the marriage thing that we have suspected must have affected him REALLY ALOT!!!).
So me along with 11 others was being retrenched.
Sigh.... although I wanted to quit this job but i wasn't really expecting this to come. well at least not when I still haven't got a job.
Side note there was no compensation given to us just one month notice. But seriously there's nothing much you can do!! it's a lose lose situation no matter how you see it.

Two options
  • you sign agreement that you willing to leave and not get any compensation and they do their best to let us go for interview
  • They overload you with work and fire you if you didn't do well
Ok .. the second option is what i think it would happen if we didn't sign, but this scenario is highly possible right?
Ah well~ I guess if we put ourselves into their shoes, moving the operation would be a good business strategy.

That's all on for the updates

I know you love me

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