Saturday, October 11, 2008

beauty time - mask

yes.. it's hard to believe... even to myself.. lol i actually bought a mask for myself.. :p probably under the influence of miss LB and her theory that woman after 24 will start to age alot faster.. hence i bought my first collagen mask to give it a try as a treat..
what made me actually bought this $6.90 mask? well i guess mostly due to the fact that it's a collagen mask (sort of remembered that lb kept on talking how collagen is good for our skin etc...)and i simply like their packaging.. not too sure how much a mask like that would usually cost (too lazy to do a price comparison).. but i think overall i can feel that my skin got smoother after it..hohoho so fun...~ and i actually used the left over collegan water to wipe my hands and legs cos i felt it was such a waste to throw them away. :p
i guess like what the store lady advised, i probably wouldn't use it often since i have oily face.
btw.. i'm curious, the instruction said something along the line about following the full skin care procedure after removing the mask.. what is that?
all i did was to just was my face with soap... :S hopefully my $6.90 dont go to waste because of that..

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