Tuesday, July 08, 2008

job hunting

Ok~ blogging this in office...
sigh~ got called from one of my interviewer media data thingy... sad to say they refuse my application because i asked for a higher pay and the proposal didnt went through. was asking for 2650 cos they offer 2500 with 13 mth bonus already included in it and there's no variable...if you calculate, the base salary is abt $2300 for a graduate with one yr plus experience.. it's definitely below market price or at least thati thought so... but i must say their job scoop was pretty good... was hopping they could renegociate with me i wouldnt mind going abit lower.. but all they did is say.. "sorry i got back from the management, the proposal din went through...sorry abt that.." *close phone*
i guess they might have found someone willing to take up that offer... wat made me kinda sad is that they din bother to counter offer me.. :(
it's just my luck.... life always dont go as planned.. it was a good job... but the pay sucks... T_T

Maybe shouldn't draw a good job image... should write more.. good job~ good pay~ good prospect~ good location~~~ :D

oh where oh where did my dream job goes~~ oh where the hell could it be~??? *singing in grief*

while i'm having prob looking for dream job. a friend of mine got one...good pay good prospect, good job..and she's feeling apprehensive. well i might if i was her i guess..cos she will have to report to CEO etc... her job is corporate communication.. something along that line.. and according to general knowledge of big org work environment there will be alot of politics.
her current work.. other than low pay.. the rest is pretty decent for her.. *sigh..~*
but i have faith in her.. ~ ;)

now... i'm left with uob to get back to me...
meanwhile time to start looking again :|

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