Tuesday, May 03, 2005


something struck me....
real hard..
like being hit by a badminton racket on the head...

had this conversation with my 2housemates...

me: "yoz....~ i want to watch anime~~ what anime u have."
housemate1: "oh.. two of the anime are done.. can pass u.."
me: "YEY~~!!!! *delighted*
housemate2: *walked pass* "AiyoO... Ms Tay still watch anime!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

*note: here comes the shocking sentence..*

housemate2: " still got ONE MONTH LEFT b4 exams leh..."
me: *stunned.... for the next 5sec that phrase kept echoing in my ears... totally caught off guard*

*back to present*
Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg...~~~!!! (omg= oh my god)

WHAT in the world have i been doing these few months...?!??!?!?!?! (well it felt like few weeks to me... *gasps*) time passes so damn fast ><
next thing u noe... BoOM~!! left with 1 month to go before the exam month... man.. totally not ready for it.. die man... this is it~~!! the moment of truth!!!!! hit me right in the face... lots of things havent accomplish... have i been playing way too much?!?!?! most probably that's the case... can i meet the expectation of my parents whom spend so much $$ to get me here??

this words always kept echoing in my ears... "when will u start to study hard???"
i dont noe... i really dont noe... it's like my mind is telling me to do something while my heart was tell me the other... Devil V.S Angel well obviously u dont have to guess like mad to noe who won...
when will i get enlightenment??? where's my strenght of motivation??? where have they all gone to? really dont noe man... it's like the moment i will lose one of my most impt dreams i just stop and grieve... grieve is all i do... dream is all i do... there's always a saying : "you onli achieve when you work for it..." sigh... guess that's wat i'm deprive of the Will to do... i dream too much.. though they are realistic enough to achieve, but still.. i never tried working for it.. maybe it's a short burst of urge/ motivation (what ever u call that).. i need someone to push me to work hard all the time... damn... so demoralising...
doshiyo??? T_T
hmm..need to psycho myself to work hard.... pls psycho me~~my fellow friends and pple... all help are appreciated~ ... errrmmm wait a min... oh no... i am giving them the right to nag at me!man cant imagine what will happen... most prob they are going to nag through out my stay in aus until i get back to singapore and flood my blog with lots of comments.... *shrug*... (ok ok... i better change wat i write...) ok pple ignore what i write previously... ok??? IGnOrE them~!!! *forget abt it forget abt it... (hypnotize)*
ehem.. ok ya... that's abt what happen recently ... hohohoho~~ :D

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