Thursday, May 19, 2005


let it snow let it snow let it snow...~
XD FINALLY GET TO SEE SNOW~!!! (erm well it's hail actually..) and they look like pebbles if u take a closer look at it haha... totally unexpected... there was sun when i was walking back home... and it wasnt like -0 degree or something like tat... and the next thing i know.. after ard 30min... ICE CUBES were falling down.. thx god i was at home... or else P.A.I.N is the word... but HACK~!! it's SO EXCITING~~~ :D ( couldnt express myself any better..) took some pic from my room... ^^ and now the street is filled with snow.. :D happy...~!!! ( AM going to post some pics up..) too bad.. it's still raining so decided not to go out to take photo...

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but... like wat ally always use to display her dismay... BOO~!!! the snow are melting... well it's a pleasant surprise for once... in my whole life i manage to see ICE CUBES whatever u called tat... 100% natural unlike thost snow factory truck or snow city in singapore.. where u have to actually queue to see man made snow.. today is a happy day :D

things added to my shopping list: fluffy slippers~!! XD

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