Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beyond the Clouds

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Watch this anime a couple of weeks ago.. has been thinking of writing something abt it for a long... it's one of the most recommended anime i have watched so far... give it a 4/5 stars.. what can i say leh...~ if u like tragedy the way i do.. ~ hohohoho~~ this is one of the nicest anime ever.. but dont worry there's a gd ending to it :D

Finally manage to find the synopsis of the anime OVA


Following World War II, the country of Japan lay divided. One side, formally Hokkaido, fell to the rule of the Union, while Honshu was occupied by the United States. In 1974, the Union began construction of a huge tower, stretching far into the sky and visible from throughout Japan. In 1996, it became active. Its purpose is a complete mystery, yet the tower holds a very strong, unknown meaning to the inhabitants of Honshu...

Nestled in the abandoned railroads and warehouses, Fujisawa and Shirakawa work dilligently on their dream: a plane they named Valaciela. Their dream was to fly to the tower across the border, and see it with their own two eyes. They are soon joined by Sawatari, a girl who captures both their hearts, in a way; in all of their hearts, though, they yearn to reach the building standing tall in the sky. But soon, Sawatari fell ill, and left without a word. Work on the plane stopped, along with their dream...

The story is based 3yrs after they parted....

full synopsis + abit spoiler : http://www.point-blank.cc/reviews/index.php?action=view&ident=249

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