Monday, May 16, 2005


You are a negotiator. You'll do anything you can to avoid open conflict so you never start quarrels. You will give in when you think it's appropriate side. You're very careful and circumspect in all matters but you won't face any problems until they actually happen. Also you're a kind and sensitive person. You are vigorous yet gentle. You appear to be mysterious to those who don't know you very well because you don't often reveal your feelings. You like to socialize and are popular among your peers. You are self-centered and disagree other people's feelings and ideas. You normally go against social rules and regulations.

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not bad a quiz huh? find it pretty accurate... i do find myself as someone tat likes to argue/debate quite abit bah...
^^ got it from karen's blog.. u guys should try it when u are free :D

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Eddie said...

That almost the same quote that has been in The Negotiator! fantastic movie :)

Eddie (edscoble