Thursday, March 10, 2005

chanel No.5 commercial

taken from (just in case there's a copyright issue :P)

nicole kidman looks so~ BeAuTIfuL...~

Background of this commercial: according to the article i saw... Chanel paid $60million for this perfume commercial aka trailer.. and the trailer was made even before the actual movie started filming, cool eh?(innovative sia) it was suppose to be a 2min commercial... not sure any of u watch it before (due to the fact i hasnt watch singapore tv since dont noe when..)and u noe wat?! that 1 meter long necklace tat nicole kidman wore (pic) actually cost $40million -$45million~~~!!!!! *WOAH~!!!*

here's the link to the 30sec cut verison commercial..

u can also download the full verison at:

hope u guys like it wahahaha~~!!!!turning into nicole kidman fan~~ :D

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