Sunday, March 20, 2005

Once again she went to the movie alone..
after having a fight with her net friend whom they were suppose to meet for the first time..
she decided to for the movie with or without him..
went to the cinema where they were supposed to meet
bought the movie ticket
half wishing that the guy will do the same thing and fate will eventually let their paths cross.
holding a book on her hand
her hope wane as the lights dimmed...

into the movie for abt an hr (the cinema door opened)
a guy came and sat one seat away from her..
her heart skipped a beat...
"could it be that him?"
she thought..
both of them exchange glances.. but it was too dim for her to see his face.
guy:"how long has the show started?"
gal(nervous):"erm..~~ not too sure.." *blush*
and both of them "resume" watching the movie..

thoughts came rushing through her brain...
"wat if ...."

as the movie is fast approaching the end,
her heart started to pound.
She knew it was now or never~as the credits started to roll and the lights came on,
turning to her left
the guy had already stood up, walking out of the cinema.
as he was soon engulfed in the crowd,
a glimpse of a book in his hand..
caught her eyes...

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