Friday, September 09, 2005

what have i done...*gasps*

What have I done?
What have I done?
How could I be so blind?
All is lost, where was I?
Spoiled all, spoiled all
Everything's gone all wrong

What have I done?
What have I done?
Find a deep cave to hide in
In a million years they'll find me
Only dust and a plaque
That reads, "Here Lies Poor ZY"


Cant imagine i am so stupid~~~!!!!!
i actually mixed up my exam time T_T of all things....
reason being tat my lecture notes printed last sem examination time instead of THIS SEM'S~!!!
how could i be SO BLIND?! the actual time is 3pm and the time i got from the lecture note's is 6pm.... wat's worst? bet you didnt see anyone as "Sueh"(bad luck) as me... i was in the sch library studying since 12pm.... AARRRRGGGHHHHH.... 我恨我自己~~~!!! oh ti gong...(oh god)
How i find out:
5.55pm rushing out of library to the lecture hall....
open the door.... onli a few students.... *phew* i tot myself "made it in time"
looking up at the lecture screen...
it state: "management theory.. blah blah"
*rubbed my eyes* looked again...
HOLY POOP.. $@#$!@#%
they are having lecture~~!!
*rush out of the lecture hall.... grab my notes...*
*phew* it's at Zblock.... i went to the wrong place.... better start running....
*reached the "right room"*
AARRRRGGGHHHHHH~~~~!!!!! it's Engineering lecture this time...~!!
Horror of all horrors.... kana something like tat twice...
it tells me something is wrong..... really wrong.... -____-"
*grab the notes.... read it really, really carefully hoping it's some kinda rendezvous...maybe the test is 2 days later or something*
Lecture note quote:
Time: 6pm
Place: Z401
Date: 25 April 2005

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