Saturday, September 10, 2005

what have i done... part 2

if you guys had read the post on "what have i done....*gasps*"
u should noe that i didn't turn up for the test due to my blurrness.... (shake head)
now the situation is i have submitted a mc for deferred exam... (manage to fake it... but feeling really guilty right now... as the sch advisor was so nice to me when she heard tat i was "sick") but yeah hope tat the sch will accept it since the mc was issued on 9/9/05 where as my exam was on 8/9/05... it's kinda complicated to explain... basically i told the doc i was so sick tat i could not get of the house on 8/9... onli manage to see her on 9/9 when i felt alot better....
(note: the actual reason for not taking mc on the exam day is because i onli realise the whole thing at 6pm.... which also means tat there isnt any clinic for me to go to by then as most clinic close at 5pm)

so yeah.. that's the whole story... pray tat i manage to get my deferred exam form approved.~~!!! OH TI GONG~~~~ (oh god) pls let me take deferred exam...

and i would like to thx all those who comfort me after reading the post... :)
felt better already...

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