Monday, June 13, 2005

chilli~ craze

wahahahaha~~~!!friends from singapore~~~!!!! help me collect mcdonald packet chilli PLEASE~~~~~
man i had enough of that australia thai chilli (it doesnt even fall under the chilli category man.... taste like some sweet sauce) not to mention... they charge u for the sauce as well... stingy ang mo... Image Hosted by

this time... when i go back to singapore....i need to fulfill my quest of gathering as much chilli sauce as possible and bring it back to aus~~!!!
i think if i did ever drop by mcdonald i'm going to be cheapo and ask the auntie: " errmm.... auntie 1 small fries and 10 packets of chilli pls >.<
and ya... my housemates had put all their hopes and dreams on me (including neighbors)... which is to help them bring back superior tasting Berlachan chilli*glow*... (not too sure if tat's the spellingImage Hosted by u noe those malay chilli? ya... tat's the one... i'm suppose to even go buy some back... (at least half a dozen)
die la~

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