Saturday, January 22, 2005

Some words from Comrade Bro.

Foreword by Comrade ZY:
Since I am feeling bored lately and juz uploaded this midi, I have decided to give my Bro a chance to make a contribution to my blog that suit this theme. Hohohoho~~~ p.s: there isnt any stop button for u to press... will try to get it or two weeks time? LOL~~~~!!!!
Let us welcome Comrade Bro!

Comrade Bro:
TONG ZHI MEN! Japanese lackey "Ni Deng Hui" (u wait for a while) and "splitist" Chen "Water Flat" (aka Ah Bian), with the support of Japanese militarism and American imperialism, tried to split Taiwan from motherland china! Luckily, our Taiwanese brothers are not fooled by these national traitors! Our comrades in Taiwan let us unite and liberate Taiwan!! Mao Zhu Xi Wan Sui!!!!!

P.S. This story is fictional. If there are any similarity it is purely coincidental...

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