Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in peace, Michael

26 Jun 09, Michael Jackson had passed away.

Until now i still cant believed what had just happen.
He was so young... 51 years old... and he was planning for concerts in London which was suppose to kick off in July 09.
What a great man he was, and yet he suffers so much because he was being perceived as weird. He had done many great things to help out the poor, the children, and people who were ill. I cant imagine someone like him would actually went to Iraq to visit the wounded during a time of war. It never did once crossed my mind.

Yet all those who were blinded by the press and those who cant accept people who are different, thinks that Michael is crazy, psycho, and a child molester. Because they cant accept or believe that anyone can be this great, selfless and remain child like through out their life. Micheal was not perfect, he had his problems. He never had a normal childhood since the age of 5. And he wasn't really emotion stable.

Granted, I'm not a hardcore fan and I didnt follow his news till he passed away. But I for one, never believe media's allegations towards him nor do i bad mouthed him. Because I believe that a man will remain innocent unless proven otherwise

But still I cant believe how evil a man can be.
To make money, press and media try to find ways to bring him down because gossip sells and everyone wants to dig dirt out of him even if it's non existence. Parents of the cancer children whom Michael open his home and heart to, turned against him by accusing him of child molestation. And now after he had passed on to the lights, the media starts making allegations that his children weren't his.

God, how hurtful these can be?
I dont know. And I hope I will never get to experience such injustice and betrayal through out my life. I only prayed that Michael will finally be able to rest in peace and hope that no harm will go to his family and children.

Here's one of the video that his fan made, and I really like how happy he seems to be.

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