Monday, April 20, 2009

Manpuku @ Tampines One

hahaha went to tried out the Manpuku couple of days back... and it's damn crowded...
the ambiance was great, love their deco~~... nice place to take photo and to hang out
And they allow you to choose your own seat when business is not crowded :D
The food is ok..
here's the website:

Things you must try:
  • FRUIT PARADISE - yes.. go there and see them cutting the cake makes me happy :D

  • BOTEJYU OSAKA OKONOMIYAKI - tried their moonlight oko, not bad.. will proceed to try their other okonomiyakis next time.

  • SESSON JAPANESE GRILL - make sure you pester them for your food otherwise your food might be cold though you waited at the shop for your food to arrive.

Things you can forget about it:
  • Hokkaido Asahikawa Ramen - personally soup is ok.. but the noodle taste like those yellow noodle hawker use to cook prawn noodle =.="

  • HOKKYOKUSEI OMU RICE - kop abit of omu rice from my friend... doesnt taste good.. :( heard several bad comments regarding the shop too...

Here are some of the photos i took over there~~

Japanese Grill...

okonomiyaki~ : Looking delicious :P

Fruit Paradise: long queue

see how they cut the tart~~
super pro... cream and fruits in perfect shape...

Finally.... time to eat :D

Random pic of me happily taking photo~

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