Monday, October 24, 2005

summer is here~

man... come to think of it... it's already spring in aus (going to summer soon... cant really believe the weather here is so damn hot... couple of days ago it's like 35- 36 degree...doh...)
when it's spring it just mean one thing... FINAL EXAM COMING~!!!
next week i'm gonna have my final year exam~~ gosh~ time to buck up and start studying...
Anyway i was out last week to take some photos to make my aussie life album... so there i was snapping photos of the city and the sch... here's a preview to wat i have taken.. nothing speacial :p
i will post all up after i sort out those photos... hehe... parliament building.. i think -_-"
(really really love those beautiful purple flower... )

life risking act. >.<
(thx god they din spot me taking photo of them)

hehe... tat's all for now... plan to take more of them after exams...

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