Monday, December 20, 2004

Kung Fu

Song: Kung Fu fighting (after effect..)
wat was i doing b4 blogging?: gaming, msn chatting :D

wahahahahaha...... saw Chow Xing Chi today.... :D it was totally unexpected cos i was at Cathay watching The Incredibles alone (cos SOMEONE forgot abt the promise and went to watch it without me..) after the show ended, the ground lvl was filled with pple crowding outside Cathay so i decided to join the *fun* and to my surprise it's Chow Xing Chi coming to promote his show... oh btw he looks gd (got charm..) XD... like those mature looking stars e.g Tony Leuong... and ya those two singapore idols... sly and ta.. something forgot how to spell his name...(not so gd look..ok onli) felt kinda sad for Chow Xing Chi lol... cos quite alot of the pple are there to support the singapore idols...and i happen to be in tat stupid sly fan area...(oops did i type stupid?!?!?! oh hohohoho.... if offend anyone sry... :P) guess he must be kinda disappointed lar.. cos i think he not so famous among the 18yrs and below kids... unlike us ..his movies accompanied us through our childhood till now ^^...and all tat lousy kids have is F4 (who onli got the looks), 5566 and etc..etc.. except one of the few gd thing they had during their time is MAYDAY :D ..hohohoho

Anyway hohohoho... lets not continue b4 i get bash up by some of the pple who read my blog... ohoh i got his movie poster :D... ok i have decided to watch his new movie... anyone interested?

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