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Bkk 1-4Apr2011

Yes~!! I have finally complete one of the items that i have on my to do list.
And that is to go to watch an overseas concert.
I would like to thank my dear cousin who is a TVXQ's fan for asking me if I'm interested to join her to go watch JYJ's concert :))

True enough the trip turns our pretty INTERESTING!!!


reached the Airport waiting for cousin to check in together... still a little sleepy as i slept at ard 3am..

10.35am: cousin came and we went to checked in, it is only then that I found out that I brought the OLD PASSPORT and had to RUSH HOME to get it as the last check in is at 11.45~!!! Thanks to the Adrenaline Rush I AM NOW FULLY AWAKE.

10.45am: finally got on the taxi and started call my bro and mom (who was in the office) asking them for help to see if they know where's my passport.

11.05am: reached home to only find out that the passport is no where to be found and both my bro and I suspected that my mom took it and kept it in her drawer LOCKED...

11.15am: mom came home and True Enough it was in her drawer... and thank God that she made it home this early...

11.40am: Reach airport. Rush to the check-in counter.. and was happy that I finally made it before the counter close~~

3pm+: reached BKK~

5pm+: Reach hotel~ P2 Boutique. Not bad it a relatively new hotel, nice customer service and clean hotel room :))

6.30pm: Head towards Paragon Park to catch JYJ Press Conference. (i will not walk from P2 Boutique to Paragon Park anymore~!!! it's so damn far.. like 20-30mins quick walk)

Left my cous, right Lya

8pm: JYJ *Scream~!!*

I swear Jaejoong was looking at me, although I like super far away *laugh*

10pm+: Met up with cousin's friends who were also TVXQ fans to have dinner @ Chinatown

12am+: reached hotel... KO~!


9am:Wake up in the morning. Head down to shopping~~!!

1pm++: Set off to Concert Hall for JYJ with the rest of the group :)

3pm++: Finally reached after stuck in the traffic jam for quite some time. phew~!

Group photo :)

7pm: Concert Starts

Kyaaa~~!! Oppa~!! (although i'm supposed to be older than them... but hack ar~!!)

From left to right Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong




End of concert~! T_T

More photos can be found over here - JYJ Concert 2011

Post concert photos

Dinner in Korean Style of cos Lol~~
I must say the food is quite good in terms of budget and taste :p
After dinner head back to hotel and rest~~ :)

Went to Cha Tu Chat for some more shopping
Price was pretty much the same as SG
but manage to find some bargain on the rings kekeke

yes you look cool with 2 pair of shades.. heh~

Pets section: dogs, rabbits, squirrel, etc are available there.

Back in hotel... guess which belongs to me lol~


Went to Paragon Mall to get our Krispy Kreme before the we fly back to SG

our quest back to our hotel area after we have gotten our krispy kreme.
I must say: "cousin you look good in this pic :P"

Spotted this within 3min walking distance away from my hotel after i came back from my krispy kreme quest~!!
Nevertheless I still ♥ the aunty's entrepreneur spirit

Head down to airport

Black Canyon's Club Sandwich is actually really good :)
will go to SG branch one of these days to try out their standards

Home sweet home~

Overall the trip was quite an eye opener.
 And had a great time over there..~ Thanks Cousin for this opportunity.. hope we have many more trips in the future :))

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