Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cats - Musical

Finally bought the ticket and watched the musical~!!!
Ok.. so yes... as you guys know i was looking for pple to go with me to watch it... but drag here drag there.. =.=" i finally found Miss Hui Mian to join me :)

The Jellicle Ball takes place once a year, and is a special night where all Jellicle cats get together in the junkyard and follow their urge to dance under the full moon. The antagonist of the show is Mcavity, a criminal (yet mysteriously irresistible) feline. At the end of the Ball, Old Deuteronomy, the leader of the cats, takes a selected cat to the Heaviside Layer (a sort of "cat-heaven") to be reborn.

Am happy about the show and also the seat too.. at first i thought i was at the 3rd row... apparently i'm at the 1st instead~! kinda fun having the cats crawling in and out of the "drain" which is placed right in front of me.. XD
all in all i must say the show is enjoyable.. had a fun time watching it.. :)
Would definitely recommend to go for the Category B seats.. the only thing sad is that i din really know the actors and actresses will have interaction during the intermission... should have brought along my digital camera... bleah..

Here are some photos that I have taken tat day :D
ps:cos it's taken using iphone hence some of the photos are not clear.

Jellicle cats gathered at the Ball..

Listening to the old cat Gus telling his best roles and worries about the contemporary theatre

one of my favorite photos. :D

Photos taken after the Show:

Chocolate Bar

me :)

Hot chocolate & chocotail (notice the cat butt? :P )

Dear Miss Hui Mian..
ok i must say the photo doesnt do her justice.. should have retake it again.

Walking off to Marina Square...

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