Tuesday, November 29, 2005

christmas... :)

ah...christmas is coming :)
favourite time of the year i must say.. love those chorals and jazz~

just a couple of days ago i was in parkway.. and i passed by outdoor stage...and there were these bunch of children playing with bubbles..and the hifi was playing christmas songs..

as i indulged myself in those wonderful songs...
memories just kept flooding back to my mind...
memories when i'm still a "sweet", young teenage gal.. :D *goose bumps*

times where all of us spending hours practising for our parts..
times we hated those dreadful chorals.. eeee~... (description of dreadful chorals kana cut off... too much to write)
lol... And those were the times i missed the most... as we all shared our joys, laughers, and not to mention "sharing information"... haha~ (well i still do tat hehe..)

i miss singing chorals...something that brought us close to one and other.. i miss Rui qi~ aka 2 for $10 :p, Yanling~ aka ou buieh kong (go to the back and tok), haha... the rest have rather usual names... and as for siew rong... too many nicknames for me to mention.. :P
hehe lets all get together some time soon~ :)

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